Keith Holt

"Improve my racing technique, get faster than my mates"

Turnover Day

Monday - 28/10/2023

Laps driven


Current Assigned Task
Racing Line - Hitting the Apex
Previous Assigned Task

Braking - The Braking Point

Instructor Assessment

75% congratulations

Training Progression



Racing Line


Instructor Notes

Well done, but only just. Some segments were perfect but it was a bit inconsistent. Also, keep a close eye on segments where no braking at all is required. Often just lifting off the throttle is enough and a much better way to retain your speed. Try not to drag the brake, only touch the brake when you are committing to the braking point, resting your foot on the brake will lead to slower lap times.

Enjoy your apex work and don't be afraid to test the entry-apex-exit kerbs!

Bonus Focus Point

This is a new section for your training portal. It is good to concentrate on a driving technique each fortnight. However, there is room to improve your lap times even further as you try to perfect your assigned skill. Each fortnight the Instructor will highlight the key inhibitor to your lap times so that you can also work on that area as you progress through your training. It might be a previously learnt skill or a pointer to something else that can be improved.

Previous Passed Racing Skills

B1 - Braking - The Braking Point | 07/10/2022 (75%)

Previous Instructor Notes

Great to have you onboard and hope you are ready to do some training! The process is super simple. Each fortnight you'll have an assigned task which your instructor will set based on our training schedule. Each task will be an important driving technique that you'll need to master in order to progress to the next discipline.

Having assessed and written hundreds of training plans, Track Titan instructors have analysed our drivers achievements and pitfalls each week and the results show that a consistent application of the driving techniques is crucial to progressing as a good, fast and safe driver. Therefore, each fortnight you'll be tested for consistency and quality of the chosen technique. If the instructor feels that more time on track is required to progress then no problem, hone your skills, dig deep and you'll soon pass to the next discipline.

We have assigned you a turnover day, on this day you'll be able to see your feedback from the instructors, your score for the assigned task and your progress.

Please follow the advice in the assigned task and practice this skill as much as you can in the next fortnight, remember referring back to the reference lap will help you learn how early you need to break for each corner. There are some very good segments however, on quite a few segments you are braking early. Concentrate on these sections and you'll soon get to the 70% pass mark.

Enjoy the training.

Yours sincerely,
The Instructors

If you have any questions please drop the instructors an email through