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Quote about HYMo Setups
Quote about HYMo Setups
United Kingdom
"Every driver can be in advantage with the Track Titan app. Experienced drivers can learn where they are losing those crucial tenths of seconds and new drivers can quickly learn new tracks and racing lines. All this with a very user friendly UI. And apart from that, the team behind the app is great and always available to help on discord. Then we put what we learned to the test on the weekly challenges, where we can compare our lap times with other community members!."
"Having started using Track Titan alongside F1 2021 and now F1 2022 (thank you for supporting this so fast) it has really helped me understand where I am losing time on track. Firstly with it being so easy to setup it takes ultimately a minute or so. Also when you can physically see your telemetry against faster times including braking points, throttle application you can really nail down where you need to improve. With such an easy use and easy read system really helps drivers of all levels. Fully recommend."
Harry H
United Kingdom

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