The Best GT3 Car for Beginners in Assetto Corsa Competizione V1.9

When you're just starting out in Assetto Corsa Competizione, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of cars you can choose to compete with. In this article we want to explain what cars you can start out with to start your racing career with the most success!

Engine Placement

The engine placement is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to the balance of the car, and especially as a beginner you'll want a stable car that feels predictable. So it's good to know what to look out for!

Front engine cars

Front engine cars are almost always a safe bet when it comes to stability. Because the engine is mounted over the front tyres, they will have a lot of grip to help you stay on track. Here's a list of some of the best front engine cars in ACC to choose from:

- Mercedes-AMG EVO
- Aston Martin V8 Vantage
- BMW M4
- Lexus RC F
- Bentley Continental

Best Front Engine Car for Beginners

The BMW M4 GT3 is our pick for the best front engine car for beginners because of it's competitive speed, whilst staying stable in the most tricky situations. It's a great car to learn the basics with in Assetto Corsa Competizione. It's got great straight-line speed, cornering abilities, and is good on the brakes. This allows you to focus on learning racecraft, study the tracks, while not having to focus too much of your energy on controlling the car.

Mid Engine Cars

Mid engine cars are generally somewhat more responsive (or twitchy) when we compare them to the front engine cars. Because the engine is situated in between the front and rear wheels, the balance of the car is much more centralised. Some of the top performing mid-engine cars in ACC are:

- McLaren 720s
- Ferrari 296
- Lamborghini Huracàn EVO 2
- Honda NSX EVO
- Audi R8 LMS EVO 2

Best Mid Engine Car for Beginners

If you've bought the 2023 Challenger pack DLC, the Ferrari 296 is the definite best mid-engine car for a beginner. It's fast, competitive, and a lot of fun to drive! The amount of grip and stability this car offers makes you feel like you're fully in control, whether you're going flying over kerbs, or keeping it neatly between the white lines.

If you haven't purchased the 2023 Challenger pack DLC, the McLaren 720s is a solid choice when it comes to mid-engine cars. It often feels like it's glued to the road, and is very predictable through most corners. It's got a great mix of speed and agility, which makes it a perfect mid-engine entry level car.

Rear Engine Cars

When we study the Porsche, we find that they've actually placed the engine over the rear axle, which sounds like a crazy plan. But they've been perfecting this formula for almost 80 years now, and we can feel this in the performance of their cars.
Because the engine is situated in the rear, the balance of a Porsche feels completely different than any other car in ACC. So it takes a little time getting used to driving the Porsche. These cars are very agile (or unstable) when you turn them into corners, and require a little more delicate inputs via the pedals.

We do not recommend the Porsches for beginners, unless all other cars feel like tanker ships to you.

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