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Spa Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

Spa is a pure drivers circuit with a lot of history. It has a mix of long straights and fast corners letting drivers demonstrate the limits of their F1 cars. The size of the track and the nature of Belgian weather means it can sometimes be raining on one part of the circuit and dry on another, meaning grip can vary from corner to corner. Everyone knows Spa for Eau Rouge & Raidillon, arguably the most famous sequence of corners in the world, as the drivers flick left, right and then up the hill.

Sector 1 at Spa is one of the most famous sectors in Formula 1. Interestingly, you only touch the brakes once during the entire sector, despite its length. This sector is all about power as you blast your way up the hill through Eau Rouge & Raidillion in one of the longest flat out sections on the calendar.

Turn 1 (La Source): Entry

The first corner - La Source. It's the only braking zone in the sector so make sure to get it right.

No need to shift up to 8th gear on the straight. Hit the brakes just as you pass the 100m board. Keep the car in a straight line when braking and look to make a late apex.

Turn 1 (La Source): Apex

Your main focus should be to get a good exit from Turn 1. To do this, take a wide line, shifting down to 1st gear and make a late apex.

Try to gently clip the apex kerb but don't use all of it if you want the best grip from the tyres.

Turn 1 (La Source): Exit

On the way out of Turn 1, double shift up to third gear to kill the torque of the engine, miss the exit kerb and avoid wheelspin. Furthermore, try to straighten the line on the exit until you reach full throttle before moving over to the inside.

It's flat out from here!

Turn 2 (Eau Rouge)

This is it! Eau Rouge. You might think Eau Rouge is the right-hander up the hill, but actually, it's the apex we are on right now.

Take Turn 2 flat out in 8th gear, cutting fully over the flat kerb to straighten the line. It is important here to keep it smooth and set up the trajectory up the hill.

Turn 3 (Raidillion)

Turn 3 of Raidillion sees the car load up in ways no other corner can replicate. It used to be a difficult corner to take flat out but in today's cars, the challenge is somewhat less.

Try to get as close to the inside kerb as possible but don't get up onto it or the finely balanced downforce will be disturbed.

Use as little steering lock as you can get away with to maximise the speed onto the Kemmel Straight.

Turn 4 (Raidillion)

Turn 4 at the top of the hill is a common place for track limit penalties. This is because drivers can't see the apex. Practice makes perfect!

Try to take as much kerb as track limits will allow, stay smooth and carry as much speed through onto the Kemmel Straight as you can.

Get ready to open DRS.