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Silverstone Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

Silverstone, an absolute classic. After hosting the very first Formula One Grand Prix in 1950, the airfield perimeter road track of Silverstone remains one of the most famous in the world and still is an ultimate challenge. Maggots, Becketts, Copse & Stowe are all classic and challenging corners you might have heard of. This high-speed circuit requires a good downforce package and lots of power.

Sector 3 of Silverstone begins with the Hangar Straight heading down to the famous Stowe Corner, a high-speed right-hander. The lap is then rounded off with the chicane at Vale, a slower, more recent addition to the circuit before the classic Club Corner.

Turn 15 (Stowe): Entry

The famous Stowe corner - Turn 15 on the track. You approach at very high speed but you will be surprised at the speed that you can still carry through the corner.

The uphill braking zone means you only really need to dab the brakes as you turn in on the compression. Drift out to the outside as the track kinks, dab the brakes as the kerb starts and turn in at the same time.

Kiss the entry kerb lightly and downshift from 8th to 6th gear as you head towards the apex from a wide line.

Turn 15 (Stowe): Apex

Take a wide entry into Stowe and aim to kiss the edge of the apex kerb slightly late in the corner, only opening the wheel once you can see the exit kerb.

Use the brakes gently in the first third of the corner and then begin to get on the power very early in 6th gear well before reaching the apex kerb.

Turn 15 (Stowe): Exit

Use all of the track on exit but be aware that the kerb seems to come towards the right as you go left so leave margin initially and allow the kerb to curve to meet you to avoid breaching track limits. Be aware that there is less grip on the AstroTurf.

Reach full throttle at or slightly after the apex kerb and carry the speed down the hill towards T16 and shift up to 7th gear as the car is straight.

Turn 16 (Vale): Entry

Get the car back over to the right for the braking zone into the Vale Chicane. Use the white line that crosses the track and the entry kerb as a braking reference and brake hard in a straight line after passing the point highlighted.

Try to avoid braking whilst fully on the kerb and instead just clip the kerb at the turn-in point at 50m. Stay in 7th gear on the entry and then downshift to 4th by the time you turn in.

Turn 16 (Vale): Apex

At the apex of Turn 16 use all of the apex kerb up to the sausage but avoid running over it as it will unsettle the car.

Come off the brakes as you turn into the corner and shift down to 3rd gear for the apex and give it a short jab on the throttle in between Turns 16 and 17, staying in 3rd.

Leave plenty of room available on the right on exit to open up T17 and the run to the line.

Turn 17 (Vale): Apex

Open up the entry into Turn 17 and approach the apex in 3rd with no pedal inputs after a short period of throttle, using the engine as your only source of braking.

Avoid the sausage kerb at the apex but take as much of the flat part as you can.

Short-shift to 4th gear at the apex before beginning to build throttle and drifting out to the left on exit.

Turn 17 (Vale): Exit

Run out to the white line on exit but it might be best to avoid the kerb for traction. It is definitely best to steer well clear of the sausage kerb though.

Build throttle out of Turn 17 inversely to the steering input such that you reach full when the wheel is virtually straight.

Short-shift to 4th as you pass the apex kerb, hold the car to the left for a short period and then turn in and shift into 5th. You want to avoid turning in early as this will make the exit of T18 tighter.

Turn 18 (Club): Apex

Carry the momentum through the apex by shortening the route. Stay off the sausage kerb but get as close as you can. Get to full throttle out of T16 and hold it through the final corner.

Turn in at a point where you can maintain a constant steering angle through the whole corner and shift up from 5th to 6th before the apex kerb.

Turn 18 (Club): Exit

On the exit of the final corner there is not much time before the line so just keep it tidy. There is no need to use all of the track as the downforce is very high and you can reduce the distance.

Take a smooth line, minimising steering lock and shift up to 7th gear as you get to the exit kerb. Run gently onto it to finish the lap. Remember that there is no DRS available here anymore.