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Silverstone Track Guide | Sector 2

Silverstone Track Guide | Sector 2

Silverstone, an absolute classic. After hosting the very first Formula One Grand Prix in 1950, the airfield track of Silverstone remains one of the most famous tracks in the world and still is an ultimate challenge. Maggots, Becketts, Copse & Stowe to name a few corners you might have heard of. This high-speed circuit requires a good downforce package and lots of power.

Sector 2 of Silverstone is a classic. Containing so many famous corners like Woodcote, Copse, and of course, Maggots & Becketts. This entire sector only has one major braking zone so it's all about speed and downforce.

Turn 6 (Brooklands)

Following the long Wellington Straight, we arrive at the left-hander of Brooklands, Turn 6. This corner tightens as it goes on so it is important to trailbrake here, starting at the 50m board.

Shift down to 5th gear as you decelerate and aim for a late apex, gently kissing the edge of the red raised kerbing.

Keep the minimum speed up but try to leave a little room to your right on the exit to give you a slightly wider run into T7.

Turn 7 (Luffield)

For the long right of Luffield, shift down to 3rd gear. You can also use the throttle to rotate the car a bit through Turn 7.

Aim for a late apex so that you can be earlier on the power, with more traction for a better exit. It can also help to slightly miss the kerb to avoid losing grip.

Short shift out of the corner to dull the power and use all of the available exit kerb to carry speed towards Woodcote.

Turn 8 (Woodcote)

Woodcote - Turn 8 is a simple one nowadays, especially with no bollards here. Just be smooth, aiming to cut the corner so your left tyres only just remain in bounds and avoid scrubbing speed.

Turn 9 (Copse)

Copse. Stay flat and hope. Well, actually there is a little more to it than that through Turn 9.

Using the outside kerb on entry to your advantage, turn in at the 50m board, earlier than you think, and let the downforce do the work.

Try to carry as much speed and momentum throughout this sweeping corner as you can, avoiding any sharp movements of the wheel.

You can use a bit of apex kerb here but probably best to avoid any of the raised red kerbs. Use the exit kerb but watch out as this is a common area for track limits to be enforced.

Turn 10 (Maggots)

Maggots & Becketts is one of the most famous corner complexes in all of motorsport and it's absolutely spectacular in modern F1 cars.

For the first part, Turn 10, you should take a wide line in for a late apex to open up the flat out T11.

Run right up to the sausage kerb but do not touch it as this will unsettle the car. Keep it full throttle!

Turn 11 (Maggots)

Turn 11 requires ultimate commitment. Stay flat out and turn in smoothly towards the apex, getting right up to the edge of the raised red kerbs as riding them can make the car unstable.

Try not to run out too wide on the exit so you can open up T12 a bit.

Turn 12 (Becketts)

Becketts only requires a small lift or a tiny dab on the brakes to get the nose into the corner. Shift down to 7th as you make the transition out of T11.

Aim to take the apex up to the edge of the red kerbs, staying tight to the inside a little longer than normal to get a better run through T13 and onto the Hangar Straight.

Turn 13 (Chapel)

Turn 13 of Chapel is very important for the run onto the Hangar Straight so get a late apex to get early on the power.

As with many of the other corners, the raised red kerbs are your clipping point here, using 6th gear throughout.

Carry as much minimum speed as possible, running right out to the exit kerb but be careful not to catch the grass as it is easily done.

Turn 14 (Chapel)

Turn 14 is really just the exit to T13 so use all of the kerb, avoid running out too wide onto the grass as it will drag you in.

Stay as smooth as you can, using as little steering lock as possible to avoid scrubbing speed onto the straight.

Open the DRS as soon as possible to shave a few hundredths.