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Silverstone Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

Silverstone, an absolute classic. After hosting the very first Formula One Grand Prix in 1950, the airfield perimeter road track of Silverstone remains one of the most famous in the world and still is an ultimate challenge. Maggots, Becketts, Copse & Stowe are all classic and challenging corners you might have heard of. This high-speed circuit requires a good downforce package and lots of power.

Sector 1 of Silverstone is a real mix of corners, starting with the high-speed, full-throttle Abbey and Farm, before slowing things right down through Village and The Loop. Finally, the left kink of Aintree takes you onto the infield DRS Wellington Straight. This sector is very different to the old layout, which used to turn left at Abbey to take you to the Bridge section.

Turn 1 (Abbey): Entry

Silverstone has been turning right at Abbey for quite a few years now following modifications to the track layout in 2010, forming the new 'Arena' section. This change also turned Abbey into the new Turn 1, replacing Copse.

Abbey is easily flat out in a modern F1 car in 8th gear. Therefore, it is important to be smooth and try not to scrub speed.

It can help to take the black and white kerb on entry for a wider sweeping line in and to open up T2 on the way out. Turn in just before the 50m board.

Turn 1 (Abbey): Apex

Take the apex of Turn 1 right up to the edge of red sausage kerbs. Make sure not to cut the corner and don't run too wide on exit to help open up the run through T2. Stay flat out in 8th gear and keep the steering angle small.

Turn 2 (Farm Curve)

Similarly to Abbey, Turn 2 of Farm is easily flat in 8th and the main goal here is to strike the right balance between steering angle, scrub and distance travelled.

Try to apex late in the corner by compromising the exit of T1 to keep you towards the left on exit ready for T3. Make use of all of the flat inside kerb, clipping it most as you pass the pit exit line.

Turn 3 (Village): Entry

Carry lots of speed into Turn 3 as you shift into 3rd gear whilst trailbraking towards the apex. At the apex use all of the flat kerb but stay off the sausage kerb as this will unsettle the car. Get back on the throttle after the kerb and rotate the car. Make sure not to open the steering early so you run out too wide on exit.

Turn 3 (Village): Exit

Make sure not to open the steering early so you run out too wide on exit as this will make it harder to get back over to the right for T4, where the exit is much more important. Aim to leave one-third of the track to your left then get most of the way back to the right.

Stay in 3rd gear throughout and squeeze the throttle to try to reach full shortly before braking for T4.

Turn 4 (The Loop): Apex

Turn 4 of The Loop is one of the slowest corners on the track. For this one a late apex is key, so get most of the way over to the right coming out of T3. This is to ensure the best exit onto the straight that follows, gaining you time all the way along it.

Use all of the flat apex kerb but be sure not to touch the sausage kerb for the most traction. Trailbrake into the kerb and then get back on the power gently to avoid wheelspin.

Shift down to 2nd gear for rotation at apex before short-shifting back to 3rd on exit to improve traction heading onto the infield straight. Exit speed is very important here.

Turn 4 (The Loop): Exit

Run the car out towards the exit kerb but keep just off it for traction. Smoothly increase throttle as the wheel straightens to avoid wheelspin in 3rd gear and aim to reach full before shifting into 4th gear, then gently turn into T5. Maintain momentum with smooth steering.

Turn 5 (Aintree): Apex

Aintree - Turn 5 takes you onto the Wellington Straight. This left-hand kink is easily flat and is all about carrying as much speed onto the DRS straight as possible.

Shift to 6th just before the kerb. Aim to just narrowly miss the two sausage kerbs as they will scrub off speed and keep it smooth to maintain momentum. Open DRS as soon as you can.

Turn 5 (Aintree): Exit

Let the car naturally drift out to the right on exit with the DRS open as soon as possible. There is enough downforce that you don't need to run way out wide on the exit as this can scrub speed. Unwind the wheel gently and kiss the exit kerb as you shift into 7th gear.