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Red Bull Ring Track Guide | Sector 1

Previously known as the Österrichring, the modernised Red Bull Ring is the shortest track on the calendar by laptime. However, the track manages to fit a lot into a short lap. The first half requires good engine power and the second half requires good high-speed downforce. Set in the Styrian mountains the Red Bull Ring is a picturesque location for a racetrack and there are plenty of tricks you need to know to get it right.

Sector 1 of the Red Bull Ring is only made up of one corner of significance. The medium-speed right-hander of Turn 1, which was recently renamed in 2019 in memory of the legend Niki Lauda, following his death (bringing it back after it was removed from another corner on the track). Get a good exit here and you will reap the rewards all the way to T3.

Turn 1 (Niki Lauda Kurve): Entry

Newly renamed after the legend Niki Lauda, Turn 1 sits at the top of the hill following the main straight.

Begin to ease the car over to the kerb on the left as you go up the hill. Straddle the striped kerb so your tyres are all on the tarmac, keeping within track limits.

Brake hard just after you pass the 100m board and try to do the majority of the braking in a straight line, continuing to straddle the kerb as you do.

Turn 1(Niki Lauda Kurve): Apex

Shift down to 4th gear for the apex and take plenty of inside kerb, aiming to get your tyres on either side of the yellow sausage kerb. You would no be able to get away with that amount of kerb in real life but you can in the game.

Be careful not to cut it completely as it is easy to get an invalidation here.

As you exit, run out to use the full kerb up to the sausage but avoid running fully over it as this will unsettle the car, reduce downforce and cause the undertray to bottom out. This is important as you need to carry as much speed as possible down the straight for a  potential overtaking opportunity into T3.

Turn 2

Turn 2 is merely a slight kink before the T3 braking zone so is just about taking the shortest route possible and avoiding scrubbing speed.

Try to spot your braking reference boards and line the car up so you brake in a straight line for the heavy stop into T3.