Porsche 992 GT3 R Spa HYMO Hot Lap Analysis

Let’s take a look at this hot lap of the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in the Porsche 992 GT3 R driven by HYMO.

The Track

This sweeping, technical track can prove tricky to set up your car for. Between Eau Rouge, La Source and Pouhon, the balance is difficult to get right. Fortunately, HYMO have you covered and you can get the very same setup used in this hot lap video HERE.

Opened in 1921, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most recognisable racetracks in the world. Having held the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix consecutively since 1983, and intermittently since 1925 before that, the circuit boasts a variety of steep elevation, long winding corners, and blind crests. The track has also been a staple of the FIA World Endurance Championship since 1953.


When analysing this HYMO lap against a community lap in the Track Titan platform, we can see that in the iconic La Source hairpin, the community driver loses 0.446s compared to the HYMO driver who holds the Track Titan Official Lap time. In looking at the data, the majority of the time loss can be put down to the apex.

Racing Line

The community driver (in orange) takes a tighter line towards the wall with a quicker entry too. However, in doing so, they are unable to accelerate until the car has already apexed. 


Due to the added speed, on the data we can see that the HYMO driver is on full throttle at the apex of the corner whereas the community driver, still trying to slow down hasn’t begun accelerating yet.

The difference between the two approaches means that following the apex, the HYMO driver gains 0.3s on the community driver simply due to being on the power sooner.

You can analyse every other turn in the Track Titan platform; see reference lap here.
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Hot Laps Top Tips

If you intend to do some hot laps, you must first establish a baseline of your pace. Get into a groove where you can keep a comfortable, but still competitive pace. You should know your braking points, turning points and racing line. The baseline is there so when you make a mistake, you can then drop back to your baseline to regroup, and begin pushing again.

Additionally, if you manage an unexpectedly large time-gain somewhere, the baseline allows you to get around parts of the track safely if you just want to keep it out of the barriers for the remainder of the lap.

Finally, hot lapping is an entirely mental activity. Your brain must be solely focused on the next corner, where you want to turn and where you should be accelerating. At some point, you will make more frequent mistakes, get frustrated and go even slower because you are overdriving. If this does happen, it’s probably worth packing it in for the time being. One of the most important parts of hot lapping is knowing when to stop; there’s only so much mental concentration you can do before your brain has had enough.

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