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New Features in F1 23 - Quick Look


The first notable addition to F1 23 is the next installment of the story driven mode Braking Point. Building upon the story from F1 2021's braking point, we see some familiar faces return with Aiden Jackson, and Devon Butler. One new female character has been added to the cast though, Callie Mayer. And we'll see her story unfold as she will be fighting for an Formula 2 championship, and maybe even more.

Braking Point 2 will cover the 2022, and 2023 formula 1 seasons. It will feature interviews with the press which can earn you new racing objectives, there will be drama through meticulously crafted cutscenes, and a lot of racing of course.


Las Vegas

Formula 1 is returning to the streets of Las Vegas in 2023 and that's why F1 23 will also feature the new street circuit. A mega fast circuit with enormously long straights and 17 corners to tie it all together. Corner exits will be crucial to get right because you don't want to be lacking any speed on those giant straights.


The 5.4 kilometre long Losail Internation Circuit in Qatar is also being added to the game this year as we will see our favorite drivers take to the track once more later in the year. This circuit has a nice flow to it, as there are very few corners in which you will have to slow down to a crawl, which makes it a very fast and winding track.


A new hub of daily, weekly, and seasonal content. The main goal is to upgrade your tech level by performing in races, and completing challenges. When your tech level increases, so does the performance of your car and your team, which gives you the possibility to take part in more challenging events.

F1 World offers a single player journey with a variety of game modes and challenges in which you can improve your driving skills on a plethora of tracks and in different cars (yes, supercars make a return).

Solo and multiplayer events offer challenges on daily, weekly, and seasonal basis. You can take part in multiplayer grand prix's for instance, but players that prefer to drive solo are also taken care of with things like time trial challenges.

The content in F1 World will be updated in accordance with the real life F1 calendar.


35% Race Distance

In F1 22 it was only possible to race at 25% or 50% race lengths. If 25% was too short, and 50% takes up too much of your time, you can now jump into races with a 35% length. This ensures that you will have to consider a pit stop and manage your tyres, but it won't keep you in the house for ages.

Red Flags

Another welcome addition to this years game are red flags. Whenever things get a little bit too hairy out on track, the red flag will be waved. This means that all cars on track are brought into the pits. Here you change your strategy if you desire to do so, and if you were involved in any of the wrecks your damage will also be repaired. After this free pitstop for everyone, the race will restart with a standing start.


Track Titan will support F1 23 so that we can help you unlock your ultimate sim racing potential. We offer simple Telemetry that doesn't require an engineering degree to understand, as well as automated tips to help you find ways to improve instantly! Be sure to sign-up and analyse your driving in F1 23 (as soon as we're supporting it).