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Monza Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

Monza is called the "Temple of Speed" for a reason. Long straights combined with heavy braking zones and quick chicanes make this legendary track one of the calendar's best. You are going to want to trim out your downforce for this high-speed thriller!

Sector 3 sounds theoretically simple. But it is anything but simple to extract all the lap time out of these technical high-speed sections. It contains the famous Ascari Chicane and the mighty Parabolica to finish the lap.

Turn 8 (Variante Ascari): Entry

Approaching the thrilling Ascari Chicane, brake as you pass the 100m board.

You can ease the car over to make the most of the entry kerb, which will widen your line into the corner. Shift down to 5th gear for the apex.

Turn 8 (Variante Ascari): Apex

Your run through Ascari is typically dictated by the way you take the apex at Turn 8 as the complex is all interconnected.

Aim to slightly clip the edge of the sausage kerbs on the inside, holding some throttle to keep the rear stable and keep the minimum speed up.

Use 5th gear at the apex and upshift as you transition into T9.

Turn 9 (Variante Ascari)

Shift to 6th gear on the transition out of T8. Take the full inside kerb but make sure to come fully off it by the time you reach the sausage kerb.

Hold 70-80% throttle whilst on the kerb and only go full throttle when you come off the kerb to avoid uneven power delivery and a potential spin.

Turn 10 (Variante Ascari)

The exit is all you should be thinking about in Turn 10. It is easily full-throttle but make sure not to take much inside kerb or it will cause you to scrub speed or lose the back end.

Run as much exit as you need to maintain full-throttle and carry the highest possible speed onto the straight.

Turn 11 (Curva Parabolica): Apex

Here we are then, the final corner - and this is a special one - Parabolica. Not as scary as it once was, Parabolica is still a challenge and needs to be respected.

Use the end of the green painted surface to the left of the track as a braking reference. Quickly dab the brakes and throw the car towards a late apex but miss the inside kerb.

Use 5th gear, get on the power early and begin to drift out wide on the way out.

Turn 11 (Curva Parabolica): Exit

On the way out of Turn 11 drift out to the white line on the left side of the track before making your way back over to the right side to reduce the distance to the finish line.

Try to scrub as little speed as possible as the exit is important onto the very long straight, especially during a race. Also, prepare to open DRS.