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Monza Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

Monza is called the "Temple of Speed" for a reason. Long straights combined with heavy braking zones and quick chicanes make this legendary track one of the calendar's best. You are going to want to trim out your downforce for this high-speed thriller!

Sector 2 is a challenging sector, demanding a lot from a car with a low downforce setup. It contains the famous della Roggia Chicane and the heavily cambered double right-handed Lesmo corners, helping drivers carry more speed.

Turn 4 (Variante della Roggia)

Turn 4 is the first part of a tricky little chicane that is easy to get wrong. Brake as straight as you can just as you pass the 100m board.

Shift down to 4th gear. Unlike in real life the kerb here is fairly forgiving so make the most of all of it, just like like at T1. You need to ensure you get your tyres on either side of the orange sausage kerb.

Try not to compromise your run through T5 as it will cost you time on exit.

Turn 5 (Variante della Roggia): Apex

For the second part of the della Roggia Chicane, stay in 4th gear and clip the apex kerb.

You probably want to miss the sausage kerb here as it can throw you off-line but it is possible to fully straddle it if you are willing to risk it. Focus on a good exit.

Turn 5 (Variante della Roggia): Exit

A common place for cars to push the limits is the exit of Turn 5, and that is because there is a really fine line between perfection and a big mistake here.

Try to run your left side tyres right up to the edge of the gravel but make sure not to dip a wheel into it. Focus on getting good traction and a good run towards T6.

Turn 6 (Curve di Lesmo - 1): Apex

The famous Lesmo corners are cambered which means you can carry more speed into them than you think.

Dab the brakes and downshift to 5th gear at around the 50m board. Slightly miss the apex kerb and keep the minimum speed up.

Turn 6 (Curve di Lesmo - 1): Exit

On the way out of Turn 6 try to continue to carry the speed right out to the runoff. Make sure to keep your right tyres within track limits though.

Turn 7 (Curve di Lesmo - 2): Apex

Turn 7 is a quick flick right before the back straight. Slightly dab the brakes just after the 50m board and chuck the car into the cambered corner with good speed.

Take a reasonable amount of kerb as you hit the compression at the apex. Hook the wheel into the recessed painted part of the kerb for the best line.

Turn 7 (Curve di Lesmo - 2): Exit

The exit of Turn 7 is incredibly important for your lap as it takes you onto the long back straight. Make sure to carry as much speed out as possible by running all the exit. Don't get invalidated here.

Remember to hit that DRS button as soon as you pass the line.