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Monza Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

Monza is called the "Temple of Speed" for a reason. Long straights combined with heavy braking zones and quick chicanes make this legendary track one of the calendar's best. You are going to want to trim out your downforce for this high-speed thriller!

Sector 1 of Monza is where your top speed and brakes are tested to the limits. One of the biggest stops of the calendar is into Turn 1 and it is the only time you hit the brakes in this sector. The famous Curva Grande is another highlight which has seen some action over the years.

Turn 1 (Variante del Rettifilo): Entry

The approach into Turn 1 is one of the fastest points of the calendar.

Make the most of the downforce you have at high speed by hitting the brakes as hard as you can just before the 100m board. Remember to fade off the brakes as the car slows because the downforce will reduce with speed, especially with Monza wing levels.

Keep the braking in a straight line and use the full width of the track to reduce the angle into Turn 1. Make sure not to dip a wheel onto the grass though!

Turn 1 (Variante del Rettifilo): Apex

The apex kerb of Turn 1 is your friend in the game (not so much in real life) so you want to run the car fully over it. Straddle the low sausage kerb with your tyres on either side.

Use 2nd gear and aim to position the car to the right on exit to give yourself a later apex into the second part of the chicane and therefore, a better exit towards Curva Grande.

Turn 2 (Variante del Rettifilo): Apex

For the second part of the chicane, remain in 2nd gear and take a late apex for maximum exit speed.

Importantly, don't hit the inside sausage kerb as this will cause you to break traction so only aim for the tricolour kerbing.

Turn 2 (Variante del Rettifilo): Exit

The exit of Turn 2 is a critical one as a poor exit can leave you vulnerable into T4.

Make sure to stay off the exit kerb and get the car into a straight line as soon as possible to increase grip and traction. Short-shifting will also help too.

Turn 3 (Curva Grande/Curva Biassono)

Turn 3 at Monza - Curve Grande as it is more commonly know. This one is not much of a challenge in today's cars so just follow that inside white line throughout, not leaving any time on the table by scrubbing speed.