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Montreal Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

The man-made Notre Dame Island in the middle of the St Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada was created for the 1967 Expo 67 World's Fair. Some clever people then decided to make a race track out of the island’s roads. Circuit Ile Notre-Dame first hosted the race in 1978. Fittingly, Gilles Villeneuve claimed his maiden win here, and the track was later renamed Circuit Gilles Villeneuve after him.

Sector 2 at Montreal is comprised of two chicanes. Correct kerb usage and smooth throttle application are critical to getting the best times through the wooded section of this iconic circuit.

Turn 6: Entry

Turn 6 first appears as you round the right kink in the track. Let the car drift slightly away from the inside in 7th gear before pointing it back to the right and hitting the brakes in a straight line just after the 100m board.

Under braking head over to where the tarmac on the right begins, clip the white line to widen the entry and turn in at the 50m board in 4th gear. Then shift to 3rd before the apex to rotate the car.

Turn 6: Apex

Approach the apex of Turn 6 in 3rd gear for the best rotation, traibrake in and straddle the kerb so that the right tyres only just remain on the black stuff.

As soon as you are stable and coasting on top of the kerb, shift up to 4th gear to avoid breaking traction on exit.

Don't come back on the power until you are off the kerb and avoid running out too wide as to make T7 tighter.

Turn 7: Apex

After opening up the entry into Turn 7, build the throttle to full, turn in and then lift to about 60% as you pass the apex. Get close to the kerb but avoid riding it for better rear stability.

Maintain smooth steering and throttle application on the way out and use the wider entry to straighten up and get on the power earlier. Shift up from 4th (used at the apex) to 5th as the inside kerb ends and the wheel begins to unwind.

Turn 7: Exit

Free up the car and run it out to the exit kerb smoothly. Only gently glance the kerb for a compromise of traction and momentum.

Add throttle smoothly after the apex kerb and reach full well before the exit kerb, shifting to 6th before the DRS line (remembering to open it if available of course). Then shortcut the kink in the next section by moving over to the right side.

Turn 8: Entry

After shortcutting the kink on the right you need to get back to the left for the entry of Turn 8. Approach the braking zone in 8th gear at an angle for the smoothest line and to give you access to a wider part of the track on entry but still brake in a straight line.

Hit the brakes just before you go under the bridge and head towards the 50m board after the Armco barrier ends. Try to get the left tyres to the left of the white line for the widest possible turn-in at 50m, using 5th gear. Then shift into 4th for the apex as you release the brake pressure.

Turn 8: Apex

Mount the apex kerb of Turn 8 in 4th gear, ensuring you stay within track limits. Trailbrake in and begin to pick up the throttle after you take the brunt of the kerb. The orange kerbs appear to look like sausage kerbs from a distance but are in fact flat, so use them.

Try to turn in with one single sweep of the wheel instead of stabbing it. This will give you the stability to ride the kerbs and maintain momentum. Then get the car positioned for a smooth transition from the middle of the track to compliment T9 that follows.

Turn 9: Apex

In Turn 9, straddle the flat apex kerb to use all of the track again, being careful with throttle application until the car is planted coming off the kerb.

Take this apex in 4th as well and shift into 5th as you come off the kerb. At the same time, get to full throttle after progressively building it on the kerb and be on your way.

Turn 9: Exit

Similarly to the exit of the previous chicane, freely run the car out to the exit at full throttle and kiss the exit kerb for the best compromise of line, scrub and grip out of the corner.

Shift up from 5th to 6th gear as you first get to the exit kerb and then take the line of least resistance towards T10 and prepare for the braking zone.