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Jeddah Corniche Circuit Track Guide

Jeddah is the fastest street circuit in the world and as we've seen many times over the course of its short life, it can catch out even the best of drivers!

Here we're going to delve into the specifics to share how you can master this demanding track. Additionally, we have put together a helpful video to guide you through the track which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Turns 1 - 3

Going towards turn 1, you should begin braking at the 100m board, begin shifting down and start turning just after the 50 metre board. You should be in 3rd gear just before the apex. If you've got the angle right, you can take this raised inside curb but only if your car is facing the apex of turn 2. If it's not, then the curb can unsettle the car. If you're unsure, then turn slightly later and miss this raised curb. For turn 1, your minimum speed should be around 114kph in 3rd gear.

After turn 1, blip the throttle before quickly dabbing on the brake at around 30% pressure. Position the car with the right wheel on the inside of the curb at 50% throttle then gradually reach 100% throttle before turn 3. Your minimum speed through turn 2 should be around 94kph in 3rd gear.

Turn 3 is flat out. Keep to the wall to shorten the distance.

Turns 4 & 5

After the corner, gradually move the car towards the right side of the track ahead of turn 4 and you want to be braking just before the 50 metre board. This is a very short but hard braking zone. Begin turning just after this LED panel and you want to be in 4th gear at around 188kph by the time of the apex. Gently apply throttle to 75% as move towards the exit curb and only go to full throttle once the car has settled.

Gently cross back over the curb of turn 5 to avoid the inside wall and drive on the painted curb instead. Once you see this LED panel, begin moving back across the track ready for turn 6.

Turns 6 - 12

Now we're into one of the most difficult sections of track and we won't be braking or lifting until turn 9. You need to focus on your line more than anything.

For turn 6, don't hit the curb straight away, straighten the wheel once you've passed the barrier on the right side, briefly drive alongside the inside curb before hugging the wall. As you drive under the bridge, begin moving towards the centre of the track ahead of turn 7.

Move across to the painted curb and don't stop turning until the car is pointed directly at the outside wall of turn 8. This will essentially flick the car left ready to take turn 8. About now, the cars rev limiter will be doing it's hardest not to break the engine in 6th gear, don't change up to 7th just yet.

Into turn 8, hit the curb but don't drive over it. As the curb finishes, move the car to the outside of the track, still in 6th gear. Briefly ride the curb before lifting to 50% throttle and turn into turn 9. Move over to the inside curb and begin accelerating as your front right wheel hits the painted curb. Your minimum speed should be around 240kph. Next, move off the curb just before you can see the apex of turn 10 and shift to the centre of the track.

This is rather specific but point the car at the gap in between the last two Qatar airways signs then begin turning left at the same time as the end of the painted curb to the right side of the track. Move the left wheel over the curb momentarily before letting the car run to the exit curb.

Turns 11 and 12 are very open so just shorten the distance between these as much as possible.

Turns 13 - 17

Going into turn 13, begin braking at the 50 metre board, start turning in and trail brake towards the apex while you change down to 4th gear. As this is a banked corner, not going to the apex means you can use the angle of the track for extra grip and take more speed so your minimum speed will be around 158kph. Move the car to just next to the painted curb and begin opening the steering as you see the building outside the track. Move to the middle of the track until the end of the building and then move to outside wall.

For turn 14, keep to the wall and begin moving to the other side of the track and steer into turn 15 at the 150 metre board. Keep right to the wall at turn 16 and once you reach the 50 metre board, blip the brake, change down to 5th gear while holding at 20% brake pressure until the apex. You'll be around 209kph in 5th gear at the apex. Then start accelerating to around 85% throttle and start loosening the steering as you can see the outside wall of turn 17.

Let the car keep turning until your basically parallel to the turn 17 inside curb, go to 100% throttle and move over the curb before letting the car run to the exit wall.

Turns 18 - 26

The track now opens up and we want to again shorten the distances as much as possible. Drive straight at the painted curb of turn 18 until you can aim at the same curb for turn 19. hen you see turn 20, drive straight towards the apex of turn 21 and hold that wall until you reach the 50 metre braking board for turn 22. Downshift to 6th gear, hold the brake at 40% pressure until just before you hit the curb, your minimum speed here will be about 240kph at which you can begin accelerating towards turn 23 while briefly touching the apex curb.

Let the car run to the middle of the track and aim for the painted curb of turn 24. Start moving towards the outside wall as the apex curb stops and hold the left wall through turn 25 and turn 26. As you see the outside barrier change from Qatar airways to Aramco, then gradually move the car to the outside wall.

Turn 27

Hit the brakes just after the 100 metre board and turn in at the 50 metre board. You'll want to trail brake towards the apex and get down to 3rd gear and 117kph minimum speed by the apex wall. Begin accelerating shortly after the middle of the corner and let your car run to the exit wall. Now it's a flat out run to the finish line.

Don't forget that although this track is very fast, setup is key so if you don't seem to be able to turn in as fast as this driver, take a look at particularly front setting such as front wing, front camber, front toe and front ride height.

See the video below for the full guide and a hot lap courtesy of a Williams Esport driver!