Racing techniques

How Sim Racing Changes in the Rain

How to race in the rain

Racing in wet conditions requires you to change up quite a lot from what you'd normally do in a dry race. In this article we'll give you some starting points to get you on your way!

Adjust your driving style

Driving in the rain requires a different approach than driving on a dry track. Be smoother with your inputs and try to avoid sudden movements. Remember that the track will be more slippery, so take it easy and don't push the car too hard.

Use the correct tyres

Make sure you have the right tyres for the conditions. Wet tyres are designed for wet conditions and provide better grip when there's a lot of water on the track. When there's just a tiny amount of moisture on the circuit, you might want to stick with slicks, but it will be very difficult to control your car when the track gets more wet. So be sure to change your tyres in time, to not get caught out in the rain.

Mind your speed

In general, you will need to slow down in the rain to maintain control. Even wet tyres can only deal with a certain amount of water at a time, so by slowing down you're helping them to grip the road. This also means you may need to adjust your braking points and take turns at a slower speed. Be aware that aquaplaning can occur if you drive too fast over puddles, so be cautious.

Use your assists

When you're driving in a car that has assists like Traction Control and ABS, be sure to make good use of them. You're almost guaranteed to spin out, or crash, when you start to have wheelspin or locking up brakes. So if you're able to, increase the amount of traction control and ABS to keep your car from crashing into the barriers or other drivers.