The impact of sim racing gear

Does more expensive sim racing gear make you faster?

When it comes to sim racing, you will definitely notice the benefits of having a force feedback steering wheel and pedals. It's a big step up from driving with a keyboard or controller. But it doesn't have to be the most expensive wheel and pedal set to make you a fast driver! Our own Max Teichert for example, managed to qualify for the Nissan GT Academy with an old, half-broken Logitech Driving Force GT on a camping desk.

Does more expensive sim racing gear improve immersion?

A high-quality force feedback wheel and pedal set can provide more precise and granular feedback, which can help you better understand the handling of your car. A larger monitor or VR headset can provide a more immersive visual experience, which can help you better judge distances, speeds, and the position of other cars on the track.
These things help to immerse you better, but they don't necessarily make you a faster driver.