McLaren 720 S EVO GT3 Nurburgring GP HYMO Hot Lap Analysis

Let’s take a look at this hot lap of the Nurburgring GP circuit in the McLaren 720S EVO GT3 driven by HYMO.

The Track

The track offers a stark contrast to the Nordschleife's 20.8-kilometer length. Known for its fast straights, challenging chicanes, and a variety of corners, the Nürburgring GP track presents a unique set of challenges to both drivers and engineers.Setup for this track can prove difficult; fortunately, HYMO have you covered and you can get the very same setup used in this hot lap video HERE.

The Nurburgring; a symbol of global motorsport. The site of Nikki Lauda’s horrific crash and some unbelievable lap records, the site is hallowed ground to any motorsport enthusiast. AS a direct response to Lauda’s crash during the 1976 German Grand Prix, the GP track was built in order to hold safe events without the number of marshals needed for the layout


When analysing this HYMO lap against a community lap in the Track Titan platform, we can see that at the tricky turn one hairpin, the community driver loses 0.462s compared to the HYMO driver. In looking at the data, the majority of the time loss can be put down to braking too late.

From the data, we can see the community driver (in orange) is still on the accelerator whilst the HYMO driver is less than half throttle. In doing so, the community driver must then run wide, braking deep and while they gain time briefly, the exit sees a steep gain in time for the HYMO driver.

You can analyse every other turn in the Track Titan platform; see reference lap here.
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Hot Laps Top Tips

If you plan to engage in some high-speed laps, it's crucial to establish a foundational benchmark for your performance. Find a rhythm where you can maintain a comfortable yet competitive pace. Familiarise yourself with your braking points, turning points, and ideal racing line. This baseline is essential because it serves as a reference point when you make an error. You can reset to your baseline to regain your composure and resume your competitive drive.

Furthermore, should you unexpectedly gain a significant advantage in time at any point on the track, having a baseline enables you to navigate other sections of the course safely if you prefer to avoid pushing too hard and risking contact with barriers for the remainder of the lap.

Hot lapping is fundamentally a mental exercise. Your entire focus should be on the upcoming corner, your turning point, and the precise moment to accelerate. Over time, fatigue may set in, leading to more frequent mistakes and frustration, ultimately causing you to drive even slower due to overexertion. When this occurs, it may be wise to take a break for the time being. One of the key aspects of hot lapping is recognizing when to stop; there's a limit to how much mental concentration you can sustain before your mind reaches its threshold.

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