Racing techniques

How to Improve your position on the F1 22 leaderboards

The first step in getting on the Track Titan leaderboards is by signing up and downloading the app to record your laps.
Then it's time to set your best laps in F1 22, and these tips might help you to do just that!

  1. Learn the tracks: Knowing the layout of a track is crucial in F1 22. Spend time practicing on the track to get a feel for everything. Pay attention to the braking points, racing lines, and apexes of each turn.
  2. Setup your car: Make sure to customize your car setup to suit the track and your driving style. Adjusting the suspension, tyre pressure, and wing angles can make a big difference in lap times. We offer some guidelines of setups for each track when you analyse your laps on Track Titan.
  3. Practice smooth driving: Smooth driving can help you maintain your speed and prevent unnecessary braking and acceleration. Focus on keeping the car stable through corners and avoiding sudden movements.
  4. Braking technique: Braking late and hard is a common mistake that can cost valuable time. Instead, try braking earlier and more smoothly, gradually reducing your speed before hitting the apex.
  5. Optimize your gears: Shifting gears at the right time can help you maintain your momentum and achieve faster lap times. Experiment with different gear ratios to find the best setup for the track.
  6. Use assists wisely: F1 22 offers various driving assists such as traction control, anti-lock brakes, and automatic gears. While they can be helpful for beginners, using them can slow you down in the long run. Try to gradually reduce your reliance on assists as you improve.
  7. Analyse your data: After each race or hotlap session, analyse your telemetry data to see where you can improve. Look for areas where you lost time, and focus on improving your performance in those sections. This can also be easily done on Track Titan when you record your own laps.

Remember that improving your lap times takes time and practice. Be patient and keep working on your skills, and you will see improvement over time.