Fernando Alonso vs Lance Stroll - Race Engineer Analysis

We decided to put real-life f1 data into Track Titan to analyse exactly how drivers differ from each other. Here, we're taking a look at how Fernando Alonso was quicker than Lance Stroll in 2023.

This example is from qualifying at Japan, although the laps were from separate quali sessions, with Stroll not making it out of Q1. Let’s analyse the final chicane of turns 16, 17 and 18, starting with the braking zone. Alonso brakes a lot later than Stroll, and he then uses this extra speed to help rotate his car into the start of the chicane. This allows him to stay slightly further right, meaning he gets a better run out of the chicane and onto the start/finish straight.

Fernando also manages to get up to full throttle earlier than Stroll. This could either be down to a better line out of the chicane, or simply a lack of confidence on Stroll’s part. This wouldn’t be entirely surprising, as he can often be seen oversteering and being very aggressive with his steering inputs.

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