Kadin Richardson - Race Training Plan No. 1



Approximately 5 seconds off the pace, there is room for improvement in two areas. Firstly ensure that you can reach 100% braking this could be pedal setup issue or just lack of force applied.

Secondly, have confidence to use the full extent of the track, especially on exit.

Set Up Advice

If setup allowed. Experiment with lowering the wings considerably. You are losing too much top end speed and you'll have real problems on the straights.

If setup isn't allowed then sometimes alterations to the differential and brake bias are still allowed whilst driving. Aim to give the car more rearwards brake bias (closer to wards 50%, try a 2% adjustment first).

Adjusting the differential will allow for more oversteer. Most important though is fixing the 95% braking - possibly with adding the deadzone to the top end.


Sakhir - Bahrain International Circuit

Segment Analysis

Segment 1 - "T1, T2, T3"

   ☐  You are struggling on the throttle control in this segment.  Experiment with one gear higher through the corner apex.  Essentially shortshift, this will make it easier for your acceleration and also spare the tires from wear in your race.

Segment 2 - "T4"

   ☐  Stay tighter to the apex and hug it a little longer.  This is important due to the camber change on this segment.

Segment 3 - "T5, T6, T7"

   ☐  Try running with a higher wing (if permitted), also experiment with having a bit more front aero compared to the rear.  Therefore if you drop the rear, drop the front but not so much

Segment 4 - "T8"

   ☐  Try to be aggressive on the brake and ensure that you get to 100% brake pressure.  Most important though is to develop a consistency so minor adjustments can be made afterwards.  If on practice you still can't get 100% braking then in pedal setup set a small upper deadzone to help achieve it.

Segment 5 - "T9, T10"

   ☐  You can afford to brake just a little bit later, again concentrate on achieving 100% pressure.

Segment 6 - "T11"

   ☐  Generally your throttle control is good.  However on this segment you need to get on more aggressively,  Just after the apex (not before) really attack the throttle.

Segment 7 - "T12"

   ☐  There should be no need to throttle variation here, have the confident to 'not lift the throttle on segment 7'

Segment 8 - "T13"

   ☐  Make sure you use the full extent of the track, use as much of the track as you can on exit.

Segment 9 - "T14, T15"

☐  Again closer to the exit kerbs.  Your 95% braking issue is evident here as well.

Your predicted potential lap time improvement

0.9s - 1.4s