Kai Bilinsky - Race Training Plan No. 2



Only 1.5 seconds of the reference lap pace and only 1 seconds when you look at your theoretical best. Try maintaining this consistency after you have practiced using the kerbs in segment 5 and 8.

Set Up Advice

If you are struggling with the kerbs then raise the car slightly or soften the suspension a little. Remember, test one change and get a feel for the impact on the car.


Circuit Gilles Villenueve - Canadian Grand Prix

Segment Analysis

Segment 1 - "Virage Senna"

   ☐  Practice and practice this first segment.  Your consistency needs to improve.  Hone in on your braking point, the first left you can hit the apex earlier.   

   ☐  Make sure your inside isn't exposed to an overtake.

Segment 2 - "T3 & T4"

   ☐  Strong hard braking so that you can control the corner, instead of gentler braking which is tempt others to be bold and later brake.

Segment 3 - "T5"

   ☐  No improvements needed.

Segment 4 - "T6 & T7"

   ☐  In race, your line is very good.  If you are clear or hotlapping then you could use a bit ore of the exit out of the first left.

Segment 5 - "T8 & T9"

   ☐  Practice how the entry kerb feels.  It is a little riskier but a better line and faster lines.  Practice driving only on kerb, traversing off the kerb etc.

Segment 6 - "L'Epingle"

   ☐  Try to brake 1-2 metres earlier.  Very important segment as it is the main overtaking area on track.  Overshooting the corner will leave you prey at an attack in the DRS zone.

Segment 7 - "Casino Straight"

   ☐  No improvements needed.

Segment 8 - "Wall of Champions"

   ☐  Similar to segment 5, practice, practice, practice using the kerb.  There is a good 0.5 seconds to be found in this chicane.  Consistency here will gain you positions in the race.

Your predicted potential lap time improvement

0.4s - 0.6s