Kai Bilinsky - Race Training Plan No. 1



Consistency is good but there are a lot of invalid laps. This might be partly down to why you aren't using the kerbs a great deal but there should still be some room to widen that track.

Important to achieve consistency on all corners. You have this nailed on most segments but you should pay special attention to segment 7.

Set Up Advice

On an open setup, raising the car slightly to allow you to ride the kerbs is important.


Red Bull Ring - GP

Segment Analysis

Segment 1 - "Niki Lauda Kurve"

   ☐  Attack the kerb a little more for quali lap, a little more time to be found here.

Segment 2 

   ☐  Everything is as good as it should be.

Segment 3 - "Remus"

   ☐  Take more kerb at the entry, don't be afraid to brake on it, try to get a good feel for it.

Segment 4

   ☐  Everything is as good as it should be.

Segment 5 - "Schlossgold"

   ☐  Another kerb that can be used and gain you a further tenth.  Try braking 2-3m earlier.

Segment 6 - "Rauch"

   ☐  Again the theme continues, the kerb can be taken and attacked more aggressively.

Segment 7 - "Würth"

   ☐  Be very sure of your racing line through segment 7.  As you are trying to carry a lot of speed through the section, it is causing you to understeer and you tend to run too wide.  Check out lap 21 this was how you should be doing it as much as possilbe.

Segment 8 - "RIndt"

   ☐  You are able to judge your apexes very well and have chosen to just miss the kerb.  By actually using it more you'll possibly gain 20cm of distance throughout the corner and this is valuable time saved.

Segment 9 - "Red Bull Mobile"

   ☐  Everything is as good as it should be.

Your predicted potential lap time improvement

0.1s - 0.3s