Tyler Cajigas - Race Training Plan No. 1



Good lap times. Nicely done. There were a couple of segments where consistency can be improved just a little. Keep an eye on segment 3 and segment 6 where you sometimes brake a little too late. This is slightly risky and braking 1m earlier might be a safer choice depending on race situation.

Always be conscious of your tire wear and how it'll affect your braking point and distance.

Set Up Advice

No specific setup changes required based on the telemetry data.


Sakhir - Bahrain International Circuit

Segment Analysis

Segment 1 - "T1, T2, T3"

   ☐  Very consistent.  Try shifting a bit earlier into 5th gear to get full power down a bit earlier.  One to test.

Segment 2 - "T4"

   ☐  To tend to swerve on exit off the exit kerb.  Nothing wrong with this but be aware of other drivers.  Good practice to feel what it is like to ride that kerb if you are in that situation, as it is a popular fighting spot.

Segment 3 - "T5, T6, T7"

   ☐  A little inconsistent here.  You brake late, which causes a little understeer.  Sometimes this works for you, however if it doesn't it'll leave you exposed in a race.  Someone might well attack that opening.

Segment 4 - "T8"

   ☐  Gentler on entry with the braking.  This is down to consistency, hedge your bets.  50x 0.01s slower is overall quicker than 6x 0.1s.  Otherwise very good.

Segment 5 - "T9, T10"

   ☐  No improvements needed.

Segment 6 - "T11" & Segment 7 - "T12"

   ☐  Be careful not to carry too much speed into the entry.  If you do your speed through segment 7 will be compromised.  This happened a couple of times on your session.

Segment 8 - "T13"

   ☐  There is room to get just that little closer to the apex.  3 out 4 times there would have been a little time saved.

Segment 9 - "T14, T15"

☐  No improvements needed.  Constant and safe.

Your predicted potential lap time improvement

0.1s - 0.2s