DCA - Race Training Plan No. 1



Great control around the Bahrain International Circuit. Your throttle control is exceptional, trail braking smooth and racing lines are consistently good.

Suggested action points would be to try and push your throttle hard to gain extra time, you can sometimes be a little gentle with the throttle. This is especially true in the first 50% of the acceleration phase.

When hotlapping don't be afraid to use more kerbs.

S1 and S8 would be good sections to trial short shifting or not.

Set Up Advice

Very occasionally, your accelerator tops out at 99.3-99.5%, it would be worth adding a 1% deadzone to the top end to safeguard against this failing.


Sakhir - Bahrain International Circuit

Segment Analysis

Segment 1 - "T1, T2, T3"

   ☐  Try shortshifting more, especially in a race situation (as the rear tires will stay safer longer, i.e. better tire wear). 

Segment 2 - "T4"

   ☐  You are running too wide here, hug the inside for a little longer and don't be afraid to use the exit kerb a bit more.

Segment 3 - "T5, T6, T7"

   ☐  With this high speed corner, throttle and steering can be very aggressive. Just after the first apex, really hammer the throttle and turn into the second half harder.

Segment 4 - "T8"

   ☐  No improvements needed.

Segment 5 - "T9, T10"

   ☐  No improvements needed.

Segment 6 - "T11"

   ☐  The exit from S6 needs practice, this segment constantly loses a tenth.  A dangerous overtake setup if you can't be defensive enough.

Segment 7 - "T12"

   ☐  Comments from Segment 6 are directly related to Segment 7.

Segment 8 - "T13"

   ☐  Very smooth throttle control, means that you can choose to short shift or not, depending on your race requirements.  i.e. pushing harder, saving tire wear.

Segment 9 - "T14, T15"

☐  No improvements needed.

Your predicted potential lap time improvement

0.1s - 0.3s