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Most improved track: Red Bull Ring (Austria)


Not keeping the steering wheel calm in flat out parts
Unnecessary steering movements on straights might not cost you a lot individually but they do add up and it's an easy mistake to fix!

Check out how much calmer the reference lap's steering is in segment 1.

Your main mistakes holding you back around Mexico


Braking too heavily into a corner as you turn in
Your straight-line braking phases are solid and you brake pretty much exactly where the reference lap does. However, you then do not come off the brakes as you turn in, meaning you have a much lower minimum speed around the apex

Check out the speed chart in segment 2 showing this nicely. This is where you lose all your time.

We have a video guide on trail braking which should help a lot!


Inconsistent throttle application
You come on and off the throttle quite abruptly. Whilst you do need to lift a bit in chicanes, it should be less extreme as shown by the reference lap's throttle application in segment 3 here. Try to gradually get towards full throttle for the best possible exit out of a corner.

Check out our Track Titan guide on the topic.

Your predicted potential lap time improvement:
0.52s - 1.35s