Your weekly insights

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Most improved track: Mexico


Not reaching peak brake pressure quickly enough
In heavy braking phases, you take too long to reach your maximum pressure. This means that you could have braked later and therefore saved valuable time.

Here are two examples in segment 4  and segment 10.

Your main mistakes holding you back


Getting too tight around the apex and having to open up the steering mid-corner
You occasionally aren't on the limit mid-corner and have to open up the steering. This means you could carry more speed around the apex!

Here is an example in segment 5 showing this.


Killing too much speed on turn-in and being too slow mid corner
You often slow the car down too much as you start turning in. Check out the speed difference in segment 3 here. You are losing all your time just before the apex.

Your predicted potential lap time improvement:
0.52s - 1.35s