Zandvoort Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

First opening in 1948, Zandvoort was part of a sea of post-war motorsport enthusiasm that took over Europe. It was originally made up of a mixture of permanent track and public roads that weaved through the sand dunes of the Zandvoort resort town. Formula 1 raced on and off at the track until 1985 – before, in 2019, the announcement came that the championship would return to Zandvoort for 2020 (2021) on the newly modified track profile.

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Sector 3 of Zandvoort starts with the tricky Hans Earnst chicane, a critical point in the lap. Most notably though, is the banked final corner that everyone has been talking about as it is somewhat unique on the F1 calendar.

Turn 11 (Hans Earnst Bocht)

Starting off the final sector involves the heavy braking zone into Hans Earnest - Turn 11. For this corner, you want to use the entry kerb on the left as your braking reference.

Brake in a straight line and shift down to 3rd gear for the apex. Take the inside kerb with no more than half of the car or you will be sent into a spin. Hitting the kerb just right will allow you to perfectly rotate the car and position you ready for the next corner..

Turn 12

Turn 12 is one of the occasions where taking a V-Line in an F1 car can actually be beneficial. This means naturally forming two apexes and a little deep in the mid-corner. This approach will give you a better exit.

Use 2nd gear during the middle of the corner but then short-shift to improve traction on exit.

Try to keep off the apex and exit kerbs as these will cause you to loose traction.

Turn 13 (Kumho)

Kumho, not much braking is required for this one. Just dab them at around 50m, rotate the car and get back on the power as soon as possible.

Shift to 4th gear at the apex, which if you get it just right, will be perfectly on that white line.

Run the full exit kerb to carry maximum speed onto the banking and the main straight to follow.

Turn 14 (Arie Luyendijkbocht)

Arie Luyendijkbocht...or Turn 14 might be easier to say... is the real talking point of the circuit (along with T3) following the new changes along with T3. That's right, we have an Indycar style banking back in F1.

This one is easily flat-out, and probably would be even with DRS if it were available.

Try to minimise the scrub and stay to the right up until the line to reduce the distance you cover.

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