Zandvoort Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

First opening in 1948, Zandvoort was part of a sea of post-war motorsport enthusiasm that took over Europe. It was originally made up of a mixture of permanent track and public roads that weaved through the sand dunes of the Zandvoort resort town. Formula 1 raced on and off at the track until 1985 – before, in 2019, the announcement came that the championship would return to Zandvoort for 2020 (2021) on the newly modified track profile.

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Sector 2 of Zandvoort is a thrill-ride of speed and direction change. Starting off with the almost flat out Turn 7, which is the fastest corner on the circuit, this sector is all about carrying good minimum speed throughout.

Turn 7 (Scheivlak)

Sector 2 begins with the almost flat-out Turn 7 - Scheivlak. With the highest G-loads in the lap, this corner is critical to get your turn in point just right or you could end up missing the ideal line.

Turn in at the Pirelli sign, lift and downshift to 6th gear...wait a fraction of a second...then get back on the power. You can use a tiny blip on the brakes to get the nose to turn in but don't use them too much.

Stay tight to the white line without touching the kerb to maintain downforce. Additionally, avoid running too much of the exit kerb or it will make the left kink that follows more difficult.

Turn 7-8

In the kink between Turns 7 and 8, follow the track edge so that you open up the entry to Turn 8.

Use the 50m board as a reference point to mark the turn-in point for Turn 8.

Turn 8 (Mastersbocht)

Masterbocht - Turn 8 is a quick flick to the right and requires a nice and wide entry.

Take the apex in 6th gear and try to keep the minimum speed up.

It is important not to hit the main part of the kerb and especially not the sausage or you will spin.

Turn 8 (Mastersbocht): Exit

The important thing about the exit of Turn 8 is that you do not run the exit kerb. Putting a wheel on this kerb can suck the car off the track.

Take a quick glance at the entry point (50m board), then immediately after look towards the apex.

Turn 9 (Bocht 9)

Once you reach the turn-in point at the 50 m board, begin to trailbrake towards the apex, gradually reducing brake pressure as you increase the steering angle.

Shift down to 3rd gear and clip the apex kerb.

Short shift to 5th gear on the way out, making sure to use all of the track and then get back to the right for T10.

Turn 10 (Bocht 10)

For Turn 10, get back over to the right-hand side before you turn in to widen the line.

Brake deep into the corner and make a late apex in 3rd gear so that you get a better drive out of the corner. Try to hit the white line but no more than that.

Short-shift out of the corner and avoid using much exit kerb.

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