Zandvoort Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

First opening in 1948, Zandvoort was part of a sea of post-war motorsport enthusiasm that took over Europe. It was originally made up of a mixture of permanent track and public roads that weaved through the sand dunes of the Zandvoort resort town. Formula 1 raced on and off at the track until 1985 – before, in 2019, the announcement came that the championship would return to Zandvoort for 2020 (2021) on the newly modified track profile.

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Sector 1 of Zandvoort has the most corners of the 3 so there are plenty of places to make up time, but also to lose time. Consisting of two heavily banked hairpins, a fast right-hander and some flat out sweepers, there is a real mix of excitement on offer.

Turn 1 (Tarzanbocht): Entry

Starting the lap here at Zandvoort we approach a 180-degree hairpin called Tarzan. As with many corners on this circuit, you can really attack the entry because the camber of the corner is acting to help you.

Hit the brakes late a little bit before the 50m board, making sure to use the full width of the track. Be careful not to catch the grass though as the is no kerb to save you.

Turn 1 (Tarzanbocht): Apex

At the apex of Turn 1 you want to use 3rd gear. Try to keep the minimum speed up as you navigate this corner.

Aim to stay tight to the inside white line but you probably want to keep your tyres off the kerb as this could put you into a spin before you have even completed one corner.

Turn 1 (Tarzanbocht): Exit

Exiting Turn 1 it is important to get the power down. Depending on your line you might want to stay off the kerb for best traction or use it to maintain minimum speed.

In either case, you probably should not use any more than the first half of it.

As you drive out of the corner try to set up your line so you can keep left as you enter T3

Turn 2 (Gerlachbocht)

Turn 2 can be a tricky little corner. Use a little bit of entry kerb on the left as you follow the track edge to the left just before turn-in.

At the 50m board flick the car in slightly later than you think for the best line.

Aim to get as close to the apex kerb as possible without going up onto it as you want to make the best use of the downforce at speed.

Turn 3 (Hugenholzbocht)

One of the new, heavily reprofiled corners is Turn 3 which can be attacked because of the huge angle of the banking.

You can even run a little bit deep here as the banking will keep your minimum speed up. However, it is important you pick up the throttle early so that you avoid bogging down. You may even notice that in real life, the high/wide line is the favourite here because the backing gets steeper at the top.

Use 2nd or 3rd gear and focus on getting a good exit onto the straight.

Turn 4 (Hunzerug)

For Turn 4 your only focus is keeping the car as close to the white line as possible to shorten the distance you travel whilst making as little steering inputs as you can.

Turn 5

Similarly to the previous flat out corner, try to thread your way through Turn 5 using as little steering lock as possible.

The while line is your friend here, but the kerb isn't necessary, so aim to just miss it if you want the fastest line.

Turn 6 (Rob Slotemakerbocht)

The final corner of the sector is another flat out one. Turn 6 is fast and blind so use the end of the first kerb as your clipping point as shown in the graphic.

Maintain a constant radius of curvature and aim to be at the left of the track by the time you get to the overhead gantry. This means missing the second apex.

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