Yas Marina Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

We are finally here, the last race of the season, Yas Marina - Abu Dhabi. Playing host to the title decider for the fourth time for the 2021 season, it is set to be a thriller. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen head to the United Arab Emirates level on points, only the second time that has ever happened in F1 going into a final race. This time, there is a new layout that is aimed at improved racing. At the time of writing, the F1 game has not been updated so we will stick to the old layout in this guide. Stay tuned as we will update you once we have the new track in the game.

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Sector 3 of Yas Marina is full of corners. There are plenty of places for mistakes here. However, that also means there are plenty of places to make up time. Areas of note are the heavy braking zone into Turn 11 (where overtaking is absolutely possible) and the tricky braking zone of Turn 17.

The new circuit has been changed at the old Turn 11 and made more flowing in the old Turns 18, 19 and 20.

Turn 11: Entry

Approaching Turn 11 with the DRS open. Look out for the 100m board and put the car just to the left of the entry kerb, pointing slightly right. Hit the brakes at the 100m board with all four tyres on the tarmac and then make a straight line over to straddle the kerb so that you end up in the position shown in the graphic. This allows you to get a wide line into the apex without losing grip on the kerb at higher speeds.

This whole section has been updated in the new layout to one sweeping fast left-hander.

Turn 11: Apex

In Turn 11, come off the brakes and get the car rotated towards the apex in 2nd gear. Aim to clip the flat part of the kerb, avoiding the sausage to keep the tyres on the ground - where they belong.

Use the wide line in to help you make a slightly later apex, hugging the left a bit to avoid running too wide on exit. You need to try to sacrifice the exit to line yourself up for T13.

Short-shift up to 3rd gear at the kerb and give it a quick burst of power before T13.

Turn 12

In Turn 12, it is important to commit to the kerb, even taking a little bit of the sausage. Obviously, don't go and completely cut the corner and hit the bollard. This helps to make the chicane almost a straight line.

Use a quick burst of power on the way in but make sure to reduce the throttle to less than 20% whilst you ride the kerbs or you could break traction. Stay in 3rd gear throughout for the same reason.

Turn 13

To make sure Turn 13 is not unlucky for you, it is important to actually commit to the apex so much that you straddle the sausage. Whilst in real life this could send you to the moon with a broken back, in the game it is actually much less severe to straddle it than hit it with your tyres. Be sure not to go too far and hit the bollard though.

On the transition into T13, give the throttle a blip and then come back to a gentle throttle to keep the car stable over the kerb.

Stay in 3rd gear and run the car out to put the exit kerb to good use.

Turn 14

Approach Turn 14 whilst straddling the kerb in 4th gear, quickly dab the brakes and turn in as the astroturf ends.

Aim to clip the apex kerb in 3rd gear, this time missing the sausage altogether because of what we mentioned before.

Use a reasonable amount of exit kerb but don't let it cause you to lose traction.

Turn 15

Turn 15 is a totally flat out kink. Aim to kiss the white line so you don't scrub speed on the kerb. Try to use minimal steering lock but still stay tight to the inside to shorten the route to T16. Shift up to 7th gear as you pass the kerb.

Turn 16