Yas Marina Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We are finally here, the last race of the season, Yas Marina - Abu Dhabi. Playing host to the title decider for the fourth time for the 2021 season, it is set to be a thriller. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen head to the United Arab Emirates level on points, only the second time that has ever happened in F1 going into a final race. This time, there is a new layout that is aimed at improved racing. At the time of writing, the F1 game has not been updated so we will stick to the old layout in this guide. Stay tuned as we will update you once we have the new track in the game.

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By distance, Sector 2 of Yas Marina is made up of mostly straights. However, there are still six corners in there somewhere. The most important parts of the sector are getting a good run onto the straights out of the corners. Also, the long straights provide really good spots for DRS overtakes.

The main change for the new circuit is the old Turn 7 hairpin. The fiddly Turn 5 and 6 chicane is gone and has been replaced with a faster hairpin to promote overtaking along the straight,

Turn 5: Entry

Make your way over to the right side approaching Turn 5 in 8th gear. Straddle the entry kerb so that your tyres are sitting on the nice flat tarmac rather than the bumpy kerb for maximum braking grip.

Hit the brakes a bit before the 50m board and continue to brake in a straight line until the 50m board before you turn in from a wide position.

As you come off the kerb begin to trailbrake into the apex, smoothly downshifting to 3rd gear.

The fiddly Turn 5 and 6 chicane is gone in the new layout and has been replaced with a faster hairpin to promote overtaking along the straight,

Turn 5: Apex

By the time you reach the apex for Turn 5, aim to have eased mostly off the brakes. Take the flat part of the kerb in 3rd gear but stay well off the sausage as this will unsettle the car whilst decelerating.

Take a wide line into the apex so that you compromise the exit, in favour of a wider entry into T6. Then, straighten the car up a little after the kerb so that you can brake harder on the transition into T6. During this transition into T6 shift down again to 2nd gear.

Turn 6

In the short transition into Turn 6, try to make sure you straighten the car for a little bit to maximise braking there. Shift down to 2nd gear as you make the transition.

Compromise your line out of T5 so that you can turn in from a wider line. This will help your exit as you need to get back over to the right for T7.

As you get to the apex kerb, avoid taking much of it, especially not the sausage kerb as it will make getting on the power very difficult. As soon as you pass the kerb, short-shift to 3rd and begin to squeeze the power back on.

Avoid using the exit kerb as it will lose you grip and you really want to be making your way over to the right for a wide entry into one of the most important corners on the circuit - Turn 7.

Turn 7

We have reached what is quite possibly the most important corner on the circuit - the Turn 7 hairpin. This one is critical because the exit takes you onto what used to be the longest straight on the calendar. Any time made or lost here will be multiplied all the way down the straight.

As you enter the corner, move well over to the right-hand side for the widest entry possible. Use the track joining from the right as your turn-in reference point, braking deep into the corner.

Shift down to 1st gear to aid rotation and take a sharper turn to make a straighter line out via a late apex. This allows you to get on the power much earlier for a better exit. You can use the throttle to rotate the car here as the speed is low.

Miss the kerb slightly for the best traction and short-shift on exit to help keep the rear tyres from spinning up.

Turn 8: Entry

Heading down the long straight, position your car centrally. Approaching Turn 8, the right lane of the circuit merges, leaving you perfectly lined up on the right for the braking zone.

Line the car up just off the entry kerb for the best braking grip and hit the brakes super hard at the 100m board. It is important you hit the brakes hard initially (and in a straight line) as the downforce is the highest it will ever be at this point. Remember to gently ease off the brakes as the downforce eases when you slow down, making a lockup more likely.

Continue to follow the edge of the white line throughout the braking phase and shift smoothly down from 8th gear to avoid under-rotating the rear tyres. Come off the brakes and rotate the car to the apex.

Turn 8: Apex