Yas Marina Track Guide | Sector 1 | F1 2021

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We are finally here, the last race of the season, Yas Marina - Abu Dhabi. Playing host to the title decider for the fourth time for the 2021 season, it is set to be a thriller. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen head to the United Arab Emirates level on points, only the second time that has ever happened in F1 going into a final race. This time, there is a new layout that is aimed at improved racing. At the time of writing, the F1 game has not been updated so we will stick to the old layout in this guide. Stay tuned as we will update you once we have the new track in the game.

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Sector 1 of Yas Marina has seen no real change in 2021 so this one is familiar to most of us. Made up of only four corners and one short stab on the brakes, the sector is over in a flash but it has some important notes to maximise lap time. The trick is to stay flat through Turns 2, 3 and 4.

Turn 1: Entry

Approaching Turn 1 soon after the start line, get over to the far right-hand side and straddle the entry kerb. Get the right tyre up against the wall, staying in 7th gear as the straight is not long enough for 8th.

Hit the brakes hard initially in a straight line as you are about to get to the light panel. Start to turn in as you pass the 50m board a little bit further down the road. As you do, begin to ease off the brake pressure and head towards the apex from a wide line.

Turn 1: Apex

For the apex of Turn 1, try to just gently clip the kerb to avoid unsettling the car. Missing it slightly is not a disaster either as lots of kerb can unsettle the car and make getting back on the power much more difficult.

Take a wide line in and a wide line out to maximise the momentum and minimum speed carried through the corner.

After trailbraking to the kerb and downshifting to 4th gear, begin to pick up the throttle smoothly to avoid losing the rear end.

Turn 1: Exit

On the exit of Turn 1, run fully out onto the exit kerb to maximise exit speed up the hill towards T2. Use as much track as the white line will allow but be careful not to get too greedy.

Get back to full throttle before you reach the kerb to get the car to settle and then straddle the kerb all the way until the entry of T2.

Turn 2

Turn in for Turn 2 from the far right of the track straddling the blue strip. Take the corner flat out and gently kiss the inside kerb. Avoid taking too much of it because the downforce is high enough that using the kerb only scrubs you speed and unsettles the car.

Keep your line smooth and avoid unnecessary steering inputs, shifting up to 6th before turn-in and up to 7th after the corner.

Try not to run out all the way to the right on the exit to open up the entry into T3 so that you can still keep it flat through there.

Turn 3

For Turn 3, stay flat out throughout in 7th gear. Compromise your run out of T2 so that you are still able to take a line that is flAt out.

Unlike previous games, the kerb on the inside is not up for grabs. This is partly to do with the bollard that has been put in the way but also because the main kerb will scrub your speed. Try to just glance the edge of it.

Turn 4

Consider Turn 4 as an exit kerb. Depending on your downforce levels, the kerb can be used on the exit out of T3. Let the car run naturally out but feel free to avoid it altogether so long as you don't scrub speed trying to do so. One thing to be careful of is running a little too wide over the second white line can get very bumpy on the connecting road kerbs.

Follow the kerb profile around in 7th gear and shift up to 8th on exit. Then make your way smoothly over to the right-hand side for T4 braking.

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