The ultimate guide to Silverstone's T1-2 (Abbey and Farm curve)

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

We are happy to continue our corner guide series with in-depth yet concise videos of no longer than five minutes each.

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Silverstone's first two corners are highly interdependent which is why we cover them in one video.

Forming the start of the circuit since the latest big rebuild in 2011, smooth transitions are critical to keep your speed up and to line the car up as well as possible for the following sharp turn three.

You can find the video's full script below.

Check out our other video guides and pro onboard laps here.

How to nail Silverstone's turn one and two? (full script)

In this corner guide, we're going to be focusing on how to maximize speed through turns one and two, as well as looking at some common mistakes that could be costing you valuable time on your hot laps.

As you can see turns one and two around Silverstone are absolutely rapid, so rapid in fact that they're easily taken flat out in F1, but not in GT or road cars. The key reason why we're doing these two corners combined in one video is simply that they're deeply interconnected.

What we mean by that is, if you mess up turn one you're probably gonna mess up turn two, and even turn three further down the line as a result. Smooth steering and especially smooth direction changes are absolutely critical through this section. So let's hop into Assetto Corsa, and see what that looks like on track.

So we're in Assetto Corsa, in a GT3 car is always, and we're coming down the newly named Hamilton Straight on approach from the very left, even the curb. Clip the apex, and as soon as the front grips, get back on the power - don't run all the way to the left on the exit so you actually get a smooth ride through turn two and into turn three.

Let's look at that in detail so turn one is flat in F1, but not a GT car so it's just a tiny tap on the brakes, clip the apex, and then instantly back on the power.

Now, what's important here as you can see we don't let the car run all the way to the left, and that is so that we have a better entry into turn two so that we can keep it flat and line the car for breaking into the following turn three on the left-hand side.

Let's start looking at some common mistakes that we see people make as they go through Silverstone turns one and two.

The first mistake that we often see into Abbey just chucking the car in too quickly - turning in too quickly - and as a result of that you start oversteering, you can see it, you messed up this entire section and your lap time as a result of that.

That simply happens because the car is ultra-fast at this point on track so every tiny steering movement actually causes the car to get unbalanced. Instead, try to turn it gently, and by doing that you give the car time to lean on its side, and therefore generate the grip that it so desperately needs.

The second common mistake is just overdoing turn one slightly. So we can see it here, let the car run all the way to the left - which is fine at first glance - but really what it causes us to do is run too wide out of turn two, and because of that we really struggle under breaking into turn three because we have to turn so much whilst braking.

Another special thing you should keep in mind through turn one and two around Silverstone is that the lower your grip, the more you should sacrifice turn one's exit because you're going to struggle with grip as you accelerate through turn two.

An exception you should think about when applying this rule is if you want to overtake into T3's braking zone.

Why is that? You might ask.

Well, the only reason we don't take all of turn 1's exit is that ultimately we want to stay tight throughout turn two so that we can go all the way to the left for turn three's braking zone. However, if we're looking to line up a move on the inside of turn three, we might as well carry all that extra little speed we can get out of turn one and then prepare for a late lunge into turn three's braking zone.

As always let's wrap up with the key points. First of all, it's all about turning in really smoothly. The car is really fast at this point on the track so be gentle with your steering input.

Secondly, and really that is for the same reason as the turning side that we just talked about, don't be too abrupt on the brakes either - you don't want to unsettle the car. Just use the brakes a bit to get some of the weight onto the front of the car so that the front has the grip that you need to turn it in.

Last but not least let's always remember this is a corner combination, and actually we're not just talking about turns one and two, but actually even more importantly turn three's braking zone. Sacrifice the exit from one slightly for a better, smoother, and therefore faster run through and out of turn two, so that you can go all the way back to the left as you hit the brake pedal into turn three.

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