The ultimate guide to Silverstone's Stowe corner

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Stowe is one of the most famous corners at Silverstone, and in the world. Learn how to deal with understeer and oversteer as you tackle this fun but challenging corner.

As always, you can find the video's full script below in case you would like to read about certain details.

Check out our other video guides and pro onboard laps here.

How to take the right line through Stowe (T15) at Silverstone (full script)

Stowe corner. Silverstone's turn 15, and definitely one of its most fun and fastest corners and also a really good overtaking spot.

In this video, we're going to show you: Why the line is really crucial through Stowe, because of its tightening exit. We're going to talk about different braking techniques, and lastly as always, talk about common mistakes you should avoid.

First things first, let's take a look at where Stowe is around this track. So you can see it's one of the final few corners, turn 15, and it follows the long Hangar Straight and therefore it's one of the key overtaking spots here around Silverstone.

Second point to note is the braking zone, and as you can see the corner actually starts turning inwards quite early which means your braking phase is slightly compromised because it's not completely straight. It's quite tricky to get this right, which we'll jump into later in this video. Lastly as you can see the exit actually tightens quite a bit, which means you need to sacrifice your entry a bit just to get that exit right.

Let's check this out on track: So coming down the Hangar Straight, here going over to the left, getting hard on the brakes, and braking deep into the corner - all the way to the apex. Stay patient around the apex, and then back on the throttle and watch out for track limits as you exit Stowe corner.

Let's look at that again but in slow motion, so step by step first important point: Braking, you want to be all the way over to the left, and really stay alongside the white line, and as we're next to the kerb before turning in.

So it's quite tempting as you're at this point on the track to start turning already - but force yourself to wait a bit - turn in late. Because remember, we're gonna have a late apex as the exit is tightening, and as you can see we're still applying a bit of brake pressure as we're already quite deep in the corner. And that's just for weight distribution you want to keep some weight of the car on the front to give those front tires a bit of extra grip.

Once you get to the apex you can take a bit of kerb here to be fair depending on the car you're in, and the moment you see the exit - be patient - but the moment you see the exit go flat out as soon as you can.

And lastly, as you can see the curve is quite inviting on the exit and that's an important point. Depending on the sim you're in, you can either go beyond track limits, or not. So depending on the game, or in real life sometimes they even have a stick there which is quite annoying, so just watch out for thats kind of game to game specific, but usually you can take a lot of space as you exit Stowe just to widen your exit just a tiny bit.

Stowe's famous because it's fun, but it's also famous because it's quite tricky to get right. So let's dive into some of the common mistakes that we see around here.

The first mistake we see is related to braking. That is mainly down to Stowe turning inwards quite early on, so as you can see from the map, ideally you want to brake in a straight line - but because of the curvature of the corner you have to turn just that little bit in the main braking phase - Why is that an issue?

The moment you get on the brakes punchy with a bit of turning angle to the right, the car wants to pull itself straight. Which is why that initial moment, that sudden moment where the car wants to pull over to the left, that actually causes you to miss the apex and understeer throughout the corner.

A good way to get around that problem is staying all the way on the left-hand side as you approach Stowe, making an initial quick turn into the right, and then being bang on straight on the steering wheel before you apply the brakes.

The second mistake we see a lot is actually braking related as well but the other way around - we're not understeering we're oversteering - and you can see it in this example. It's quite easy to lose the rear end of the car, why is that?

a) You want to break quite deep into the corner so you need the weight of the car on the front.

b) Stowe braking is actually slightly uphill which is always going to cause your car to oversteer slightly. So just be careful, if you feel like you're about to go into a spin open your steering wheel slightly or reduce your brake pressure.

And lastly, the classic Stowe mistake, running wide on the exit. Why? Because it's so tempting just to get on the throttle too early, right. You want to get on the power especially as you might line yourself up for a move into Turn 16 - the following slow chicane, which is great for overtaking but don't overdo it.

As we said at the start Stowe is tightening on the exit, so yes you want to widen your exit as much as possible, but don't go beyond the track limits. How can you avoid that? Be patient on the throttle. It's tempting to get on the throttle too early and the moment you get on the throttle you lift up the front of the car means you're prone to understeering so really only get on the throttle once you're able to go flat out.

Let's wrap up with the three main points for taking Stowe corner in the best way possible.

First of all, line is key. Remember that the exit tightens so turn in late, force yourself to stay out wide till you clip the apex to get a faster exit.

Secondly, Braking. You approach Stowe at a really high speed but you need to brake deep into the corner. A tiny bit more or less brake pressure can make the difference between hitting the apex, or going into a full spin.

And lastly, watch out for track limits as you exit Stowe corner. The white line is tempting to overshoot because the corner tightens on the exit and depending on the sim or indeed the league that you're in, the track limits could vary so watch out for that.

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