Spa Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Spa is a pure drivers circuit with a lot of history. It has a mix of long straights and fast corners letting drivers demonstrate the limits of their F1 cars. The size of the track and the nature of Belgian weather means it can sometimes be raining on one part of the circuit and dry on another, meaning grip can vary from corner to corner. Everyone knows Spa for Eau Rouge & Raidillon, arguably the most famous sequence of corners in the world, as the drivers flick left, right and then up the hill.

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Sector 2 of Spa is a technical one. There is a real mix of corner types in this sector with the majority of them making their way down the hill. Particular highlights here are Les Combes Chicane and the high speed left of Pouhon.

Turn 5 (Les Combes)

Following the slightly uphill DRS Kemmel Straight follows the Les Combes Chicane - a prime overtaking spot around Spa. You need to be prepared to brake late, whether you are attacking or defending. Just remember that the brakes will be cold as you have not used them for over a mile.

Use the kerb on the entry to Turn 5 to widen the line and brake just as you pass the 50m board.

Fully mount the inside kerb for the best line and use 4th/5th gear depending on what your setup is.

Aim to compromise your line out to favour the left-hander as you need to be over to the left again on the way out of T6.

Turn 6 (Les Combes)

In Turn 6 your main focus is the exit of T7. Stay in the same gear as T5 to avoid unsettling the rear of the car and gently hug the inside kerb to get back over to the left on exit.

Turn 7 (Malmedy)

The right of Turn 7 - Malmedy can draw you in. It is important to get on the power as early as possible but make sure not to get too greedy and run onto the gravel.

Take a wide entry (compromising T6) and carry as much speed as you can by mounting the full inside kerb. Avoid upshifting while you are on it or it could cause you to go into a spin.

Run onto the full exit kerb right up to the gravel.

Turn 8 (Bruxelles)

Turn 8 of Bruxelles is a tricky corner, primarily because it is downhill throughout. You need to trailbrake on your way in which makes locking up there inside very easy.

Stay tight to the white line (don't use the kerb) and maintain 2nd gear.

Short shift on the exit, running up to the white line before heading back over to the right side for T9.

Turn 9 ("The Corner With No Name")

Famously known as "The Corner With No Name", the left of Turn 9 is a challenging one. Use the entry kerb as your turn-in point and shift into 4th.

Taking the right amount of kerb is important here. It can be tempting to take loads but this can sometimes unsettle the rear so try to be careful and focus on the exit.

Get early on the power and run the car right out to the barrier, using all of the legal limits.

Turn 10 (Pouhon)

We have arrived at the thrill ride of Pouhon. Turn 10 requires confidence to carry the speed on entry. In the game, get right up onto the entry kerb in 8th gear before a quick lift and downshift to 7th after the 50 m board.

Turn in and get straight back on the power, just avoiding the inside kerb to keep the much needed downforce on the car.

Turn 11 (Pouhon)

Turn 11 is effectively the 2nd apex to Pouhon and it is the same deal as before. Keep the car smooth, using minimal steering lock and staying off the nasty kerb or you could be looking at an aeroplane crash.

Turn 12 (Les Fagnes)

Turn 12 at the Les Fagnes Chicane requires a late apex. Begin to trailbrake just as the kerb starts and shift down to 4th gear.

Stay off the inside kerb until very late in the corner and then gently kiss it to avoid spinning out.

Continue to hug the apex a little longer than expected to get a good sweeping run through the following T13.

Turn 13 (Les Fagnes)

As you make the transition from T12 to T13, use the time off throttle to make an upshift to 5th gear.

Ride up on the whole of the apex kerb so that your left tyre is on the flat part. Make sure to be gentle on the throttle application or you could find yourself pointing in the opposite direction.

Run out over the full exit kerb and make your way back to the left again for the following corner of Campus.

Turn 14 (Campus)

The final corner of Campus - Turn 14 is now more important than ever. This is because since the next corner of Turn 15 is now just about flat out, this corner effectively becomes your exit all the way to the Bus Stop.

Use the kerb on the corner entry and dab the brakes before turning in using 4th gear. You can shift to 3rd gear to help rotate the car on the apex but make sure to short shift on the way out.

Only gently clip the kerb to keep the tyres gripping into the tarmac and aid the exit. Use all the kerb on exit and run along it all the way until you turn in for T15.

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