Silverstone Track Guide | Sector 3

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Silverstone, an absolute classic. After hosting the very first Formula One Grand Prix in 1950, the airfield track of Silverstone remains one of the most famous tracks in the world and still is an ultimate challenge. Maggots, Becketts, Copse & Stowe to name a few corners you might have heard of. This high-speed circuit requires a good downforce package and lots of power.

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Sector 3 of Silverstone begins with the Hangar Straight heading down to Stowe Corner, a high-speed right-hander. The lap is then rounded off with the slow chicane at Vale before the classic Club Corner.

Turn 15 (Stowe)

The famous Stowe corner, now number 15 on the track. You approach at very high speed but you will be surprised at the speed that you can still carry through the corner.

The uphill braking zone means you only really need to dab the brakes as you turn in on the compression.

Almost immediately get back on the power as you spot the apex and drive through the corner, kissing the apex as you do. Run the full exit kerb to maximise minimum speed.

Turn 16 (Vale)

The final stop in the lap is for the Vale Chicane. Turn 16 is a tricky little left-hander which can catch you out if you go in too hot.

Brake hard as the kerb on the right begins and shift down to 4th gear. Aim to just touch the edge of the big sausage kerb but make sure not to ride it as this will unsettle the car a lot.

Try to stay tight to the inside kerb a bit to open up T17 and the run to the line.

Turn 17 (Vale)

The exit of vale should be treated as a late apex for best traction out. Hold 4th gear and a little throttle through T17 to keep the car stable, avoiding unnecessary weight transfer.

Try to position the car to avoid just avoid the sausage kerb at the apex. Also, make sure not to run the sausage kerb on exit as this will make putting the traction down more difficult. Try to be smooth putting the power down.

Turn 18 (Club)

We have made it to the final corner, Club - Turn 18. This one is another easily flat out corner. By now you know the drill - avoid scrubbing speed by staying smooth and avoiding unnecessary inputs.

Make sure to avoid running into the sausage kerb as that will send the car airborne and ruin all of the hard work you have done up to this point.

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