Red Bull Ring Track Guide | Sector 3

Previously known as the Österrichring, the modernised Red Bull Ring is the shortest track on the calendar by laptime. However, the track manages to fit a lot into a short lap. The first half requires good engine power and the second half requires good high speed downforce. Set in the Styrian mountains the Red Bull Ring is a picturesque location for a racetrack and there are plenty of tricks you need to know to get it right.

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Sector 3 is fast! This is the part of the track where you really need to have a good downforce package to get the most out of your car. Turn 9, the penultimate corner, esspecially requires extreme comitment to use all of the available grip.

Turn 7 (Würth)

Turn 7 of Würth is a high-speed left-hander. On the approach continue to run the exit kerb of T6 until it ends and use the service road to start your turn-in.

For this corner, you only need to dab the brakes slightly on turn-in and then a single downshift to 6th gear should give you the drive you need towards T7.

Aim to clip the apex kerb but you can get away with slightly missing it if your minimum speed is high.

Turn 8

Consider Turn 8 as the exit kerb to the previous corner. This is taken completely flat out with an upshift to 7th gear right on the apex.

Make sure to use all of the available track to carry as much speed through but just keep to the track limits defined by the white line.

Continuing to hug the inside through most of the corner as well as avoiding the exit kerb entirely can shorten your run to T9 and save a few hundredths.

Turn 9 (Rindt)

Named after the famous Jochen Rindt, the blind Turn 9 requires absolute commitment and confidence in the car.

Move over to the left to straddle the entry kerb for the widest line into the corner. Dab the brakes at the 50m board and downshift once to 7th gear as you flick the car in.

Take all of the apex kerb, making sure to get back on the throttle as early as possible for a good exit.

Make the most of the available exit kerb (in the game it won't break your cars bodywork like in real life) but make sure not to run past the white line. Continue to stay on this up to the final corner.

Turn 10 (Red Bull Mobile)

As the track begins to drop down the final corner can be a bit of a challenge.

Remaining on the outside kerb, dab the brakes just before the grass on the left begins then quickly turn the car into the apex.

Shift down to 5th gear, aiming to kiss the edge of the sausage kerb at the apex without running over it. This could cause you to lose traction and time down the straight.

Get back on the power early through the compression and run out to the exit kerb making use of all the track the stewards will allow you to use. Prepare to open DRS to complete the lap.

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