Red Bull Ring Track Guide | Sector 2

Previously known as the Österrichring, the modernised Red Bull Ring is the shortest track on the calendar by laptime. However, the track manages to fit a lot into a short lap. The first half requires good engine power and the second half requires good high speed downforce. Set in the Styrian mountains the Red Bull Ring is a picturesque location for a racetrack and there are plenty of tricks you need to know to get it right.

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Sector 2 begins with the uphill braking zone into the slow but critical Turn 3. Getting good traction on exit is super important for a good laptime. The sector just gets faster and faster from there, ending with the high speed Turn 6.

Turn 3 (Remus)

After the 100m board hit the brakes in a straight line coming back up towards Turn 3 - Remus. You can brake a little harder than normal thanks to the uphill braking zone.

Shift all the way down to 1st gear temporarily for the apex to help rotate the car before short shifting back up to 3rd to gain traction on the way out.

You should miss the sausage kerb as this can unsettle the car. Often we see cars missing the apex entirely here as this can sometimes give better traction.

You can use the throttle to help rotate the car but don't overdo it as traction is absolutely critical for the run down the straight and your overall lap time.

Turn 4 (Schlossgold)

The braking for Turn 4 is downhill so remember that this will make your braking distance longer than normal.

Aim to brake at the 100m board and shift down to 2nd gear for a late apex. Take a reasonable amount of kerb on the inside to help rotate the car.

Short shift on the exit for better traction. There is no need to use all of the exit kerb as you will get even more traction and you want to begin moving back over to the right for T5.

Turn 5

Turn 5 is another flat out kink which just requires a tight line to shorten the route to T6 and shave off a little extra laptime.

Keep your eyes ahead to pick up the braking point for T6.

Turn 6 (Rauch)

Rauch is the name of Turn 6. For this one you should move over to straddle the outside kerb for the widest possible entry. Make a short stab on the brakes at the 50m board before flicking the car into the corner, and double downshift to 5th gear for the apex.

Minimum speed is your primary goal here. It is optimal to just slightly touch the apex kerb to keep stability and allow you to get back onto the throttle earlier.

Make the most of the exit kerb to carry speed and continue to stay on it for the widest entry into T7. Be careful not to exceed track limits though as always.

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