Parabolica Secrets: How Do You Nail Monza's Final Corner?

After we got overwhelmingly positive feedback for our first in-depth corner guide that teaches you in less than five minutes how to nail Spa's Eau Rouge and Raidillon, we got straight back to work and continued with the second most demanded one: Parabolica in Monza.

A tricky corner that requires late braking as well as a good exit, Parabolica has seen massive crashes over the years and is the foundation for a successful overtake at the end of the following straight.

Do you know the secrets to fast lap times around Monza? Check out our guide on Monza's Parabolica below to find out!

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In this case, we used Assetto Corsa as our sim of choice and shot our demo content in an Audi R8 LMS (GT3 class).

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