Monza Track Guide | Sector 2

Monza is called the temple of speed for a reason. Long straights combined with heavy braking zones and slow chicanes make this legendary track one of the calendar's best for overtaking.

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Sector 2 is a fast and challenging sector, demanding a lot from a car with a low downforce setup. It contains the famous double right-handed Lesmo corners which are heavily cambered, helping drivers carry more speed.

Turn 4 (Variante della Roggia)

Variante della Roggia is the second chicane around Monza and is faster than the first. T4 is the first part of this chicane and can be attacked to keep the minimum speed high.

Start braking around the 100m board and shift down to 4th gear before taking the apex.

In F1 2020 the inside sausage kerbs are fairly flat so they can be fully utilised for the shortest possible route. However, if you take this much kerb in a real F1 car it will be a lot more punishing than the sim.

Turn 5 (Variante della Roggia): Apex

The second apex of the Variante della Roggia chicane is T5 and can be approached in a similar way to T4.

Staying in 4th gear, take as much kerb as track limits will allow (only in F1 2020) to carry speed. It can be very easy to get too greedy on both of these kerbs, so make sure not to get invalidated.

Turn 5 (Variante della Roggia): Exit

The exit to T5 requires high precision, using all the available kerb right up to the gravel.

It is common to see real drivers overstepping the mark here by dipping a wheel into the gravel so be careful not to ruin your lap.

Turn 6 (Curve di Lesmo - 1): Entry

We've made it to the famous Lesmo corners.

T6 (more commonly known as Lesmo 1) is a very fast, highly cambered right hander.

Approach the corner on the limiter of 6th gear, avoiding the temptation to shift up to 7th because you need to be in 6th at the apex.

Using the will width of the track, quickly dab on the brakes and begin trailing off pressure immediately on turn-in.

Turn 6 (Curve di Lesmo -1): Apex

T6 is all about keeping the minimum speed as high as possible.

Despite the low downforce setup, the corner can be taken extremely quickly in 6th gear due to the camber of the track.

The exit is blind but try to get back on the power as soon as you can to carry speed through to the exit kerb.

Turn 6 (Curve di Lesmo - 1): Exit

Take as much kerb as possible on the exit of T6, avoiding the gravel and the grass.

Turn 7 (Curve di Lesmo - 2): Entry

Stay in 6th gear between the two Lesmos.

T7 (more commonly known as Lesmo 2) is slower than T6 so be careful not to get too greedy here.

Quickly dab on the brakes at the 50m board and shift down to 5th gear.

Turn 7 (Curve di Lesmo - 2): Apex

The second of the Lesmo corners is T7 which, like the first, is also heavily cambered.

Focus on setting up the best exit here, making sure to take only the flat part of the striped part of the kerb as the raised green part will impact traction.

Lots of people forget that this corner is slower than the first Lesmo, so don't carry too much speed or you will be in the gravel on exit.

Turn 7 (Curve di Lesmo - 2): Exit

The exit of T7 is very important to carry as much speed as possible down the long Curva del Serraglio.

Use all of the exit kerb without exceeding track limits and be prepared to open DRS early on down the straight to make the best use of it.

Take a slight arch around the kink of the Curva del Surraglio to avoid scrubbing any unnecessary speed down the long flat-out section.

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