Monza Track Guide | Sector 1

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Monza is called the temple of speed for a reason. Long straights combined with heavy braking zones and slow chicanes make this legendary track one of the calendar's best for overtaking.

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Sector 1 is short and is really just about a single chicane so it is even more important to get this one 100% right.

Turn 1 (Variante del Rettifilo): Entry

As you approach Monza's first corner at ridiculous speeds, getting your braking point right is tricky.

Braking at 100m is doable but you might want to make that an additional 10m just to be safe.

Make sure to keep your steering wheel completely straight and to shift down the gears as quickly as your fingers can hit the paddles.

Turn 1 (Variante del Rettifilo): Apex

Another example where F1 2020 differs from real-life: How much inside kerb you can take around Monza. In some places - like turn one - you can take the full kerb.

Be careful not to carry too much speed into T1 as you must not run wide on the exit. Otherwise, you risk completely messing up T2 which forms the second part of this chicane.

Turn 2 (Variante del Rettifilo): Apex

T2's apex is one where you can't take a lot of inside kerb.

Do try to get your inside left wheel on the flat bit to get the best line.

Although 2nd gear is the right one for most of the corner, shifting down to 1st for just a brief moment helps you rotate the car more.

Turn 2 (Variante del Rettifilo): Exit

If you managed to hit T1's and T2's apexes right, the exit here is not too difficult unless you get your wheels on the kerb.

Your goal is to get as much power on the road as possible so straighten your steering and keep all wheels on the asphalt to maximise traction.

Turn 3 (Curva Grande/Curva Biassono)

Although Monza'S T3 is easy flat in pretty much any car, you can still lose time here.

The key is to avoid any load changes that could slow the car down slightly. Consequently, try to have a constant radius and steering angle throughout the corner.

You can let the car run slightly wide on the exit to srub off less speed before gently bringing it back over to the right for the following chicane.

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