Monaco Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

Updated: May 26

Monaco is legendary. It's short and most importantly, it's ridiculously difficult because of the proximity of the barriers. It was 1929 when racing engines first reverberated around the Principality. The race was part of the calendar in the first year of the Formula 1 World Championship in 1950, and hasn’t been off it since 1955. A true classic on the calendar.

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Sector 3 starts with a double chicane around Moncao's swimming pool. Then drivers have to navigate around the narrow Rascasse and Anthony Noghès corners to finish the lap. Extreme levels of commitment are required to make the most out of this rapid and unforgiving sector.

Turn 13 (Louis Chiron)

Turn 13 forms the first part of the swimming pool section. As ridiculous as it seems, this blind chicane is easily taken flat out which just shows how much downforce F1 cars produce.

Enter from the barrier on the right and make use of the inside kerb, running right up against the inside barrier to attempt to straight-line the path through for maximum speed. Shift up to 6th gear before taking the apex.

Turn 14 (Louis Chiron)

Your line through T13 will determine where you end up through Turn 14. Hopefully, you have pointed yourself on a relatively straight path through the chicane.

Straddle the apex kerb and aim to get fairly close to the inside barrier before smoothly opening the wheel and quickly getting back over to the left to enter T15.

Use minimal steering lock to maintain stability and stay in 6th gear until the T15 braking zone.

Turn 15 (Piscine - Swimming Pool Chicane)

Turn 15 used to be tighter but since the inside barrier was pushed back it can be taken much faster than before. Additionally, F1 2021 allows you to take much more of T16's apex kerb, so you can carry even more speed into T15.

Get over to the barrier on the left in 6th gear on entry, then hit the brakes and flick the car in as you trailbrake towards the apex. Downshift to 4th gear for the kerb.

See how close you can get to the inside barrier without hitting it, a mistake many drivers have made in real life.

Turn 16 (Piscine - Swimming Pool Chicane)

There is loads of time to be made up in Turn 16 in the F1 2021 game. In real life, this kerb is one to take with caution but in the game, you need to make the most of it. Fully commit to the sausage by straddling it to carry the momentum through. Expect it to kick the rear out so be ready to straighten the wheel early to catch it.

Use the throttle on the transition towards the apex and then come off the power for the kerb. Stay in 4th gear until you pass the kerb and then short-shift to 5th gear on the exit.

Turn 17

Turn 17 is a slight left-hand kink that leads you into T18's braking zone.

Redirect your focus to T18's braking zone and take the kink so that you are braking in a straight line. Take a wide sweep from the right so that your path puts you on the left under braking, as close to the barrier as possible.

Approach in 5th gear and downshift to 3rd for when you start the wide turn-in. Aim to miss the first apex, in favour of the second.

Turn 18 (La Rascasse)

We've made it to Monaco's penultimate corner of Rascasse. As this is the last corner before the pit entry, watch out for slower cars.

Get most of the braking done in a straight line and make a wide entry in 3rd gear, missing the first apex and aiming for the second as you trailbrake to rotate the car. Shift down to 1st temporarily for added rotation at the apex.

Remember that your car has rear wheels too. It is amazing how many drivers hit the inside wall with the right rear, so make sure to leave a bit of space to account for that. Short-shift on exit and use all of the track.

Turn 19 (Anthony Noghès): Entry

Turn 19 of Anthony Noghès is a crucial corner for both good lap times and overtakes down the main straight.

First, get a good exit out of T18 and short-shift up to 2nd gear. Then build the throttle to full power by the time you reach the orange barrier on the far left of the track. As soon as you get there, come off the throttle, dab the brakes and make a wide turn in using 2nd gear. This wide entry will give you a better exit.

Turn 19 (Anthony Noghès): Apex

Flick the car into the final corner and get as close as you can to the inside barrier. Coast past the apex with no throttle then immediately focus on the exit. You should be using 2nd gear on the way in and then short-shift up to 3rd gear straight after the apex for better drive out.

Try to get the rotation done early so you can straighten the wheel sooner and be back to full power ready to open the DRS.

Turn 19 (Anthony Noghès): Exit

The exit of Turn 19 is very important if you want to have a chance of an overtake.

You can use the exit kerb but try to just kiss it rather than mount it as it is fairly steep. This will give you more traction and make the car more stable. Try to reach full throttle as soon as you come off the kerb.

As you can see, the DRS line is at the end of the exit kerb so having enough traction by the time you reach it is extremely important for your speed down the straight. Short-shift up to 3rd before the exit kerb to help with traction. Remember to open DRS as soon as possible as the zone is fairly short.

Drive out straight and then stay close to the inside wall along the start-finish straight to save you a few metres heading towards the line.

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