Monaco Track Guide | Sector 3

What's there to say about Monaco? It's legendary, it's short and most importantly, it's ridiculously difficult to get right. Get up to speed with the secrets to fast and consistent lap-times around Monaco's F1 track with our guides; as always prepared by Track Titan professional (sim)racers.

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Sector 3 consists of only a few corners including the renowned swimming-pool chicane. Extreme levels of commitment are required to make the most out of this rapid and unforgiving sector around the Circuit de Monaco.

Turn 13 (Louis Chiron)

Turn 13 forms the first part of one of Monaco's most rapid chicanes.

As ridiculous as it seems, this chicane is actually taken flat out these days which just shows how much downforce F1 cars produce with their ultra aero-focused Monaco setup.

Do use the inside kerb as a reference for your turn-in point and take it to straighten up the corner a bit.

Turn 14 (Louis Chiron)

Turn 14's inside kerb actually isn't as critical as it used to be since current F1 cars produce enough downforce to comfortably get you through this corner.

The key through T14 is to open up the steering gently but quickly as you exit the corner in order to accelerate faster and to get the car over to the left.

Turn 15 (Piscine - Swimming Pool Chicane)

T15 used to be a bit tighter but it now has a pretty round mid-corner part which can be taken much faster than you'd initially think.

As the game allows you to take much more of T16's apex kerb, you can carry more speed into T15 as well as the car can run a bit wider towards the middle of the track than in real life.

If you manage to nail it, 5th gear is perfect; otherwise, 4th works better as you build up your speed around the Circuit de Monaco.

Turn 16 (Piscine - Swimming Pool Chicane)

T16 is one of the most important ones to get right for rapid lap times around Monaco in F1 2020.

The yellow sausage kerb is nasty in real life and has caused a few drivers to say hello to the following wall.

In F1 2020, however, you can attack it fully which makes this corner much less painful than it usually is.

Turn 17

T17 is a smooth left-hand bend that leads you into T18's braking zone.

As it is easy flat, redirect your focus to T18's braking zone and take T17 in a way that gets all four wheels in a straight line before hitting the brakes hard for T18.

Turn 18 (La Rascasse)

We've made it to Monaco's penultimate corner: T18.

As this is the last corner before the pit-entry, watch out for slower cars as you get your car around it.

Furthermore, remember that your car has rear wheels, too. It is genuinely unbelievable how many drivers kiss the inside wall here so make sure to leave a bit of space as you rotate the car around the apex.

Turn 19 (Anthony Noghès): Entry

T19 - a crucial corner for both good lap times and overtakes down the main straight.

Get a wide entry to carry more speed into it.

The gap in the barrier is the perfect reference point to start turning in. Stay in 2nd gear for more rotation.

Turn 19 (Anthony Noghès): Apex

T19's apex kerb is tiny but do aim for it for a much better exit.

Ideally, avoid getting onto the actual kerb as it will unsettle the car with so much steering angle.

As you are about to hit the apex, look down the straight and get ready to put your foot down.

Turn 19 (Anthony Noghès): Exit

Monaco's most important corner exit: T19's.

As you can see, the DRS line is at the end of the exit kerb so having enough traction by the time you reach it is extremely important for more speed down the straight.

You can ride the exit kerb but rather than riding along the kerb the whole way, merely touch it for a brief moment for less steering angle.

Pro tip: Stay close to the inside wall along the start-finish straight if you are in qualifying as it saves you a few metres to the line.

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