Monaco Track Guide | Sector 2

What's there to say about Monaco? It's legendary, it's short and most importantly, it's ridiculously difficult to get right. Get up to speed with the secrets to fast and consistent lap-times around Monaco's F1 track with our guides; as always prepared by Track Titan professional (sim)racers.

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Sector 2 is twisty and quite long. Furthermore, it contains some of Monaco's most famous parts such as the Grand Hotel/Loews hairpin; the slowest corner on the entire F1 calendar.

Turn 5 (Mirabeau Haute): Entry

Turn 5 is a really risky corner as it is tight and downhill. You need to be aggressive here for good lap times but it is really easy to lock one of the front wheels which will force you to use the emergency exit.

The fact that it is a downhill corner means a) that you have to brake earlier and b) that you will naturally understeer.

As a result, only gently touch the brakes as you trailbrake towards the apex; otherwise, you will understeer into the barrier.

Turn 5 (Mirabeau Haute): Apex

Once you have slowed the car down sufficiently, the hard part of T5 is done.

Hug the inside kerb as you stay in second gear.

Once you see the exit, short-shift to 3rd and gently accelerate out of T5 for a brief moment before braking for T6.

Turn 5 (Mirabeau Haute): Exit

Make sure to use all the space on the left and get close to the wall.

As you approach T6's very short braking zone, it is important to have the car straightened up by the time you hit the brake pedal.

The goal is to be on the very right as you turn in for T6; not necessarily before.

Turn 6 (Grand Hotel/Loews): Apex

Welcome to the Formula 1 calendar's slowest corner.

With speeds between 60 and 70 kph, this hairpin always feels painful yet it is important to keep it tidy around here.

Get down to first gear and use the full steering lock to your advantage. The inside kerb is pretty flat so do take it all in the F1 games.

Turn 6 (Grand Hotel/Loews): Exit

T6 fluidly leads into T7 so the exit is all about preparing for the next corner.

The best way to do this is to bring the car over to the left as soon as you are back on the power.

2nd gear is fine throughout T6-8.

Turn 7 (Mirabeau Bas)

We constantly see drivers leaving time on the table through the seemingly simple Turn 7.

The pavement here is totally usable so take as much of it as you can!

If you're lucky enough to go to Monaco in real life, you should check it out - it really is that flat.

Turn 8 (Portier)

Monaco's Turn 8 - one of the circuit's most critical corners as it is followed by a long flat-out section.

Sacrifice the entry by taking a wider line as this will give you more traction on the exit.

Avoid the inside kerb as it doesn't give you much space. Besides, it unsettles the car a lot as you try to get on the power.

Turn 9 (Tunnel)

Monaco's famous tunnel is easily taken flat out in F1 cars.

The available aerodynamic grip is, in fact, so high that you can even take a narrower line so that you save yourself a few metres.

Turn 10 (Nouvelle Chicane): Entry

Monaco's second (legit) overtaking spot besides T1: Braking into T10-11.

It is important that you take a slightly wider arch into the braking zone so that your car can get to the turn-in point at the bottom of the hill in a straight line.

This part of the track is very, very bumpy so always brake a little earlier than you'd think; the car just doesn't have as much grip as elsewhere.

Turn 10 (Nouvelle Chicane): 1st Apex

As Monaco's Nouvelle Chicane is extremely tight, getting as close as possible to the wall on the left is crucial. However, do make sure to leave enough space for your rear left wheel to come around.

Once you make it past the wall, rapidly change direction, focus on the next apex kerb and shift down to second to aid the car's rotation.

Turn 10 (Nouvelle Chicane): 2nd Apex

Turn 10 and 11 are really one flowing chicane so it's always important to keep in mind what comes next throughout this corner-combination.

The yellow sausage kerb would destroy you in real life but in F1 2020, you can safely attack it.

As always, watch out for track limits.

Turn 11 (Nouvelle Chicane)

Once you have rotated the car successfully around T10's second apex, it's about exiting the chicane in one go and in a straight line.

Do quickly turn the car around and the moment all four wheel's are straight, pin the throttle.

Short-shift to third as you will struggle with wheel spin in second gear.

Turn 12 (Tabac)

Monaco's second sector is completed by the rapid Tabac corner.

As you only have a short straight beforehand and you can take this corner in 5th gear, a short dab on the brakes is sufficient.

The exit used to have more space so be careful not to hit the wall which keeps turning inwards on you.

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