Monaco Track Guide | Sector 1

What's there to say about Monaco? It's legendary, it's short and most importantly, it's ridiculously difficult to get right. Get up to speed with the secrets to fast and consistent lap-times around Monaco's F1 track with our guides; as always prepared by Track Titan professional (sim)racers.

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Sector 1 consists of only four corners and includes the famous flat-out uphill section after turn one. Once the top of the hill is reached, you sling-shot the car around Monaco's famous Casino - if you manage to avoid the walls, that is.

Turn 1 (Sainte Devote): Entry

Turn 1 in Monaco is one of two realistic overtaking spots around this track (the other one being the braking zone after the tunnel).

A lot of drivers approach this corner from the very left. However intuitive this might be, try to stay in the middle as this will enable you to brake in a straight line.

This improves your longitudinal grip and enables you to brake later. By the time you reach the corner's turn-in point, you should be close to the barrier on the left.

Turn 1 (Sainte Devote): Apex

T1's inside kerb is big and flat and since using all available space is even more important around Monaco than at other tracks, take all of it.

However, be careful not to cut the corner as this will invalidate your lap time.

Besides, watch out for cars exiting the pits as there is little space on the exit for one car; let alone two.

Turn 1 (Sainte Devote): Exit

T1's exit kerb is almost non-existent but since every inch counts, do ride the inside bit of it if you must.

It goes without saying that you should avoid touching the wall at all costs. However, getting on the power early is critical as a long, flat-out and uphill passage follows.

Turn 2 (Beau Rivage): Approach

Once you make it out of T1 in one piece, you have a few seconds to breathe as this uphill climb towards T2 and T3 is easily taken flat out.

However, as always, turning in more means less speed so try to straighten up this part as much as possible.

Turn 2 (Beau Rivage): Apex

T2 is really only another kink as you go up the hill towards the fast T3-4 combination around Monaco's famous Casino. Stay on the right-hand side to ensure that you get the widest possible entry into the following T3.

You see GT/Cup cars taking a more direct line towards T3's apex whereas F1 cars take an extremely wide entry to keep downforce levels as high as possible mid-corner.

Turn 3 (Massenet): 1st Apex

We have reached the top of the hill and the highest point of the Circuit de Monaco.

T3 is extremely fast in F1 and whilst you need to get close to the walls, it is very easy to lose the car here.

This corner actually has a double-apex so hit the first one before letting the car go slightly wide for a wider entry into the second part of this turn.

Turn 3 (Massenet): 2nd Apex

T3's second apex is extremely important as it is immediately followed by the turn-in point for T4.

The fact that you change direction very quickly at such high speeds means that you need absolute confidence in your car's grip at this point; especially since it is so bumpy around here.

Do get all the way over to the left but do not touch the wall (which is especially easy with the rear left wheel).

Turn 4 (Casino): Apex

If you get T4's turn-in right, it's a beautiful corner to fly through.

You occasionally see real-life F1 drivers gently kissing the inside wall here because it is of utmost important to get close to it.

Since the kerb in the F1 game is actually a bit higher than in real life, you are better off only using a tiny bit of it.

Turn 4 (Casino): Exit

T4's exit is wide yet tricky to get right and there is a massive bump in the middle of it.

Get on the power early but do not go flat out until the rears really grip.

Once you are able to straighten the wheel, get ready to drive around yet another big bump in the road which is so big that most racecars bottom out if you just drive over it.

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