Miami Track Guide | Sector 3 | Assetto Corsa

Updated: May 8

Making its F1 debut in May 2022, the Miami International Autodrome is a temporary street circuit, but one designed to have a permanent feel. Routed around the Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens, home to the NFL’s famous Miami Dolphins, it is set to become the second US race on the calendar, joining Austin.

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Sector 3 is all about the back straight and getting a good exit onto it. A good exit will help protect you from being overtaken or enable you to make a move into the heavy braking zone of Turn 17.

Turn 17: Entry

Heading down the back straight towards T17, get over to the right side but keep off the entry kerb for better braking performance.

Brake in a straight line at 100m and turn in after the 50m board. Shift down to 3rd for turn-in and then to 2nd at the apex.

Turn 17: Apex

Rotate the car into the apex after the 50m board for a wide and late apex. Shift down to 2nd for more rotation. Try to get the tyre to clip the white line but avoid the kerb for the best traction out.

Delay the power application until you fully get the car to rotate around the apex and begin to open up the steering - try to do this as early as you can.

Short-shift to 3rd on the exit to help keep the rear tyres get settled on the road.

Turn 17: Exit

Short-shift to 3rd gear on exit and then again to 4th before the left of T18. Avoid using the exit kerb to give more grip to the tyres.

Try to get to full throttle as soon as the wheel is straight and don't lift off until the first corner. The earlier you open up the wheel, the earlier you can get on the power.

Turn 18

Head into Turn 18 flat out in 4th gear. Use a reasonable amount of kerb for a good line and manageable stability.

Use as little steering as possible to avoid scrubbing unnecessary speed and carry that speed onto the main straight.

Shift up to 5th gear before getting to T19.

Turn 19

Turn 19, the final corner, is similar to the one before it but is a little bit less sharp. It is also flat out. This time don't use the kerb as it is not as advantageous and may scrub some speed off.

Enter the final corner in 5th gear and shift up to 6th gear at the mid-corner clipping point.

Again, use as little steering angle as you can and shorten the route to the line by avoiding the left side on exit.

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