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Updated: May 8

Making its F1 debut in May 2022, the Miami International Autodrome is a temporary street circuit, but one designed to have a permanent feel. Routed around the Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens, home to the NFL’s famous Miami Dolphins, it is set to become the second US race on the calendar, joining Austin.

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The main area of focus for Sector 2 in Miami is the braking zone into Turn 11. It is a key overtaking spot so make sure to get a good exit onto the straight. Then be ready for the extremely tight chicane of Turn 14 and 15 as there is not much space for error.

Turn 9

Stay fully flat throughout through Turn 9 and kiss the inside kerb - don't use too much as it will scrub speed.

Use as little steering as possible and stay smooth to increase speed along the straight.

Shift up from 7th to 8th gear around the apex.

Turn 10

Similarly to the previous one, stay fully flat throughout and take the line of least resistance.

Hug the left side and even straddle the white line to shorten the route through Turn 10.

Focus on preparing for the T11 braking zone on exit.

Turn 11: Entry

Approaching Turn 11, get the car over to the right side but keep off the entry kerb. Hit the brakes hard and straight at the 100m board with all four wheels on the tarmac.

Spot the apex and downshift from 8th gear to 4th for turn-in after the 50m board. After you turn in, shift down once more to 3rd for the apex.

Turn 11: Apex

Fully commit to the apex kerb of Turn 11 in 3rd gear to reduce the distance travelled. Take a wide line in and make a late apex to avoid running too wide on exit. It is important to leave a little room on the exit to give you a better run through T12.

Stay in 3rd gear for the best traction out and use it through T12 also. Delay the throttle application until you have rotated the car around the kerb so the car has time to settle.

Turn 12

Enter Turn 12 from near to the right-hand side but try to open up the entry slightly. Briefly use full throttle between T11 and T12 and then lift to a balanced throttle on your way around the right until you are ready to take T13.

Clip the apex kerb early on and then follow the white line around the rest of the corner.

Stay tight to the white line for a little longer than you think to open up the run through T13. Use 3rd gear throughout.

Turn 13

Enter Turn 13 after hugging the inside of T12. Rotate the car and get back on the power. Build power to full throttle by the time you apex and then as soon as you do, begin to lift and brake for T14.

Clip the inside white line - but no more than that as you need to be getting over to the right-hand side under braking for T14.

Take the apex in 3rd gear and shift up to 4th briefly before T14 if required.

Turn 14

Begin to brake for Turn 14 just after the apex of T13. Let the car drift out towards the entry kerb on the right for straighter braking. Don't touch the entry kerb or risk losing grip and running wide.

Continue to trailbrake towards the apex and try to get as close to the wall on the inside as possible. Be careful not to catch the rear left on the wall.

Use 2nd gear at the apex and then quickly stab the throttle on the transition into T15.

Turn 15

Quickly stab the throttle on the transition into T15 and then lift off for the kerb. Hook the car over the flat apex so that you straddle it to reduce the distance. It also puts you closer to the right which is where you need to be for T16.

Take the apex kerb in 2nd gear and shift up to 3rd after passing it.

Turn 16

Get fully over to the right-hand side on the T16 entry so that you touch the white line. Take a late apex for the best exit onto the long back straight.

Aim to clip the latter edge of the kerb to give yourself good traction. Open up the steering early so that you can get on the power early - about the time where you pass the kerb.

Take the apex in 3rd gear and short-shift to 4th on exit if you need to. Make sure to get as close to the wall as possible on the exit.

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