Jeddah Track Guide | Sector 3 | F1 2021

There is absolutely no history to go off here - This is about as new as it gets. At the time of writing, the track is not even finished and amazingly we still have it in the sim to drive. With the most number of corners of any circuit on the calendar, Jeddah is set to be a high-speed thriller! The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has a higher average speed than Silverstone, despite being a street circuit, so keeping out of the walls is going to be tricky.

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Sector 3 of Jeddah is yet more fast corners and close encounters with the walls. The final corner is the exception here where you actually go as low as 3rd gear. The tyres are likely feeling the pain by this point so be aware of that.

Turn 21

Approach Turn 21 from the left and turn in late in 8th gear to run along the outside of the apex kerb, to begin with. As you near the end of the corner and the 50m board comes into view, begin to straightline the kerb and get up against the wall.

Keep your eyes on the apex of Turn 22 but pick up the 50m board in your peripheral vision. Dab the brakes in a straight line, double downshift and turn in just as you get to the 50m board.

Turn 22

For Turn 22, you want to open up the entry starting back in T21 by hugging the right. Brake at the 50m board very briefly and then double downshift to 6th gear for the apex.

Make sure to get right up against the wall to maximise the run through this section. Get close but don't do yourself damage!

Get straight back on the power as soon as you get to the kerb and run out wide towards the exit kerb.

Turn 23

For Turn 23, run wide out of the previous corner and get fully over the apex kerb. You should be back to full throttle by the time you get onto this kerb in 6th gear. At the time of writing, you can get away with going all four wheels over the white line in-game, although this may change in an update. This is a critical little cheat to get a very fast run though.

Continue to run a smooth line, straddling the apex kerb initially and not running too wide on the exit. Shift up to 7th gear after you come off the kerb.

Turn 24

Approaching Turn 24 from the middle of the track, stay completely flat out and smoothly turn the car in to get as close to the wall as you can.

You should take this corner in 7th gear and run close to the wall on the exit. Try to use as little steering as you can get away with to avoid scrubbing speed onto the DRS section.

Turn 25

Enter Turn 25 from the left side and continue to hug the wall the entire way around - keeping the steering angle to a minimum. Get as close as you dare to the wall on the inside for the shortest route.

Shift up to 8th gear halfway through the turn. Exit the corner still on the left side so that you enter T26 on the left as well.

Remember to open DRS as soon as you pass the activation point and make the gentle left turn with it open.

Turn 26

Continue to hug the left-hand side as you enter T26 and again, get right up against the wall without accidentally brushing it.

Similarly to T25, this corner is just a gentle kink so it can be taken flat out in 8th gear with the DRS open. Another classic case of avoiding unnecessary scrubbing of speed.

Make move away from the inside before the kerb ends as you need to efficiently make your way over to the right for T27.

Turn 27: Entry

As you approach Turn 27 - the final corner, get back over to the right-hand side and up against the wall. Begin to brake halfway in between the 100m and 50m boards, doing so in a straight line.

Downshift initially to 5th gear. Then make a wide, late entry in towards the apex, and shift further to 3rd gear.

Turn 27: Apex

For the final apex, turn in late and trailbrake in towards the apex. Clip the inside portion of the striped kerb for a late apex. (No need to run up against the inside wall here). The main focus is a good exit onto the straight.

Aim to pick up a balanced throttle at the kerb before building to full throttle by the time you reach the exit kerb.

Use 3rd gear at the mid-corner and then begin to straighten the exit, short-shifting for traction on your way out towards the wall. Make the most of the track available by getting as close to the exit wall as you can.

Remember to also open the DRS as soon as you can for those last few hundredths to the line.

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