Jeddah Track Guide | Sector 2 | F1 2021

There is absolutely no history to go off here - This is about as new as it gets. At the time of writing, the track is not even finished and amazingly we still have it in the sim to drive. With the most number of corners of any circuit on the calendar, Jeddah is set to be a high-speed thriller! The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has a higher average speed than Silverstone, despite being a street circuit, so keeping out of the walls is going to be tricky.

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Sector 2 of Jeddah is more of the same. Full of high-speed corners and flat out sections. It is important to keep your wits about you as the walls have never felt closer. It starts with Turn 13, the slowest corner in the sector, and then gets faster from there. This is saying something because it is by no means a slow corner.

Turn 13: Entry

Heading into Turn 13 at speed with the DRS open in 8th gear, bring the car gently over to the right - up against the wall.

Brake initially as you pass the 50m board and begin to turn in relatively early as you trailbrake towards the apex. Shift smoothly down to 4th gear during this phase.

Use the banked nature of the corner to carry extra speed in, staying tight to the inside.

Turn 13: Apex

As you reach the apex of Turn 13 you are at the slowest point in the sector, which seems crazy considering you are still going around 150km/h (93mph).

Aim to run along the edge of the inside kerb for the best line, following it through most of the corner.

Hold it in 4th gear as you begin to pick up a balanced throttle at the mid-corner. Continue to progressively add power as you exit towards the wall. Short-shift as you do this.

Try not to let the car drift out too early as you don't want to be forced to lift off again before getting to the next corner.

Turn 14

You should end up on the far right-hand side coming into Turn 14. Continue to follow the wall around for all of the right-hander so that you are only a few cm from the wall. You should do this until you pass the service road on the right. This is your indication to begin to rotate the car to head towards T15.

Keep it flat out throughout and shift from 6th to 7th gear halfway through the turn.

Turn 15

For Turn 15, turn in late after passing the service road on the right. Then, try to straight line the run towards the left wall close to the 50m board to prepare for T16 - the main priority.

As you pass the 50m board, hit the brakes quickly whilst the wheel is straight and then begin to turn in for T16, easing off the brakes as you do. Also, at the same time, double downshift to 5th gear.

Turn 16

After the quick dab on the brakes and double downshift to 5th into Turn 16, try to apex as close to the inside wall as possible. It can be easy to bang into the wall so try to avoid that mistake at speed. Pick up the throttle as early as you can once making the apex.

If you entered T15 from the right and cut across the track it should have opened up the entry, enabling you to take a wide arc through the corner and carry maximum speed. Continue this trajectory out wide onto the exit kerb (T17) to increase minimum speed.

Turn 17

Continue your momentum through Turn 17 by hooking the car fully over the inside kerb so you only just keep within bounds.

You should be fully back on throttle for Turn 17 so shift up to 6th gear whilst on the kerb and run out towards the wall on the exit - keeping it smooth.

The exit is important here as there is a long flat out section coming up.

Turn 18

Coming onto the not so straight - back straight, it is all about keeping your foot planted and taking the line of least resistance as you thread your way through T18-T19-T20. For Turn 18, gently come back to the left and glance the edge of the flat kerb for the shortest route. Shift up to 7th gear as you apex.

Turn 19

For Turn 19, do much of the same but take a little more kerb to reduce the distance travelled. Shift up to 8th gear after you pass the kerb on the right.

Turn 20

Again, for Turn 20, keep it flat out in 8th gear and get up against the inside wall throughout. Avoid scrubbing speed and prepare for the next braking zone.

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